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56 Active Drugs Found in Drinking Water at 50 of the country’s largest wast Water Treatment Plants. Who is doing this? Why? According to WKYC ” A new study that looks at water after it was treated at 50 of the country’s largest waste water treatment plants found concentrations of 56 different active drugs. And they were at far higher concentrations than environmental experts had expected. The mix included blood pressure drugs, as well as such drugs such as aspirin, acetaminophen and Viagra”  


10 thoughts on “56 Active Drugs Found in Drinking Water at 50 Water Treatment Plants – sub AliyahEnoch

  1. More contaminating of the water. Sometimes I don’t even think filter can take care of this mess. There’s just too much to filter. The more you filter, the more shit they put in. Like creating a problem and then charging for solutions to that problem. Just like the pharmaceutical industry. All designed to make more money. If there’s no need, then the bastards make a need. It never ends.

  2. Other than distillation how do you filter chemicals (drugs) out of water? I would appreciate hearing suggestions. Thanks.

      1. Thank you so much Paul. I didn’t know that the Berky water systems could filter out chemicals too! I will be talking to those folks soon. I’ve got the old one that only filters out microbes—hopefully I can just get new filters.

        1. Your welcome evergreen. i started filtering water primarily because fluoride aggravates / causes thyroid conditions. My wife has a goiter which would be aggravated by fluoride. I read up on several filters, and Berkey had the best filtration in my view. i use the stainless steel big berkey gravity fed one. We love it. it seems to retain a good amount of minerals as well, because the dispensing spout has minerals accumulating on it.

  3. You are right about fluoride causing thyroid problems. I believe fluoride can lead to diabetes too since thyroxin oversees uptake at the cell. The Berky sounds like a very good alternative to the things I was looking at, like RO
    (expensive) and distillation units (cumbersome).
    Thank you again Paul for this website that you have linked.

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