90 Percent of Enemy Columns Are 17 to 25 Year Old Men – Able Combatants Looking To Fight

It’s been proven that 90 percent these enemy combatants are young able fighters, the main stream media are lying about what these enemy columns are consisted of. The mainstream propaganda is only showing women with babies crying about how they are being held back from entering America. The men who are being interviewed are lying about their age, making sure to tell everybody they are minors, but when interviewed after a couple of drinks their age remarkably changes within minutes.  

It’s important to understand these enemy combatants have joined these caravans later; many are gang members and military wannabes looking to fight Americans. These columns have shown up at the border loaded with 90 percent young fighting age men, and it’s important American Nationals understand this.

It’s also important to understand that in Arizona for example it is legal for an American citizen to make an arrest, detain and hold for the authorities or to march their ass to the nearest authority, this is legal as Americans in Arizona have this right, I believe the same applies in Texas. No matter what anybody tells you, we have this right.

One thought on “90 Percent of Enemy Columns Are 17 to 25 Year Old Men – Able Combatants Looking To Fight

  1. I know this will sound cold hearted
    But I don’t want the women and children either
    We have enough women and children here that are US Nationals that need help
    Letting these anchors on our systems in ,will just detract from those already here with needs that arnt being met

    So as far as I’m concerned, no angle they play works for me

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