As an American National it’s Important to Stay Focused – Keep Your Strong Convictions

One thing I’ve always admired about Henry Shivley, the man stays on point, never veers from his convictions, and this is what has made FTTWR such a popular web site. I, as many of you, have tried to do the same, it isn’t easy as many of our family members have a hard time with it. It’s easy to veer off point to keep everybody happy, this is the wrong approach, and our message will weaken as we weaken in trying to explain ourselves around family and friends.   

Main point being “PROTECTING OUR BILL OF RIGHTS”, being on point unlike many of the mainstream media who say the same thing, but talking out both sides of their mouths. These people try to protect themselves by veering off point, zero backbone, cowering because they want that fat paycheck, giving in to the traitors, showing weakness.

As you move around from place to place, going about your business, finding yourselves in conversation, don’t cower to please others, stay strong to show your true convictions as many around us are cowards who want freedoms but are scared to death for fear of the new world order overlords.

This web site is constantly under attack because Henry Shivley talks like he walks, as many of us have followed his lead. We have strength in numbers as many around the world follow this site, even though the enemies within google are trying to squash us like a bug.

Keep up the good work in following Henry’s lead, don’t cower in conversation, stay strong, show everybody in conversation you mean business. Let everybody know that FTTWR means business and you are one of the front line soldiers.

We have worked hard to eliminate the phonies from the site, we keep our strength this way. It’s damned important that we act as if we are under constant attack from the New World Order enemies, and are willing to take care of business when called upon to do so. Stay strong as I’m sure most on this site are, not afraid to walk like we talk.

Hope everybody is having a great holiday and always remember, death to the new world order.

11 thoughts on “As an American National it’s Important to Stay Focused – Keep Your Strong Convictions

      1. Thanks, Katie. Who ever knew what we’d be faced with today. I remember what life was like before I knew about the bad guys. There was joy and promise. What work it is to reclaim those, but reclaim we must.


  1. Like I’ve said a number of times on this site, my blogs, in comments on other sites–From the Trenches and Henry (and Laura too) Shivley is one of the very very few sites I can expect the truth from. I don’t expect anything less from the man, who (though I thought I knew pretty much everything about the Bill of Rights and other stuff) has taught me more than anyone (except God and Christ and my own husband, the latter about emergency health issues, gardening, beekeeping, house building, gun shooting, etc.) about the truth about what we the people need to defend and how. Keep it up, Henry!

  2. I’ve been following this site for almost a decade now, and still a staunch reader to date. I remember reading Henry’s articles about the 99ers, and his message on Ron Paul. His thoughts helped shape the American values I hold today.

    I don’t walk around Chicago saying I’m Honduran-American, because putting any country in front of my beloved America just isn’t right. Just be clear though, I would radther give a helping hand to a Honduran contra, than a communist.

    Thanks for sharing Mark!

    1. My first European ancestor on my father’s side came to this country in 1739, and on my mother’s side, 1668. So this confusion of identities has never been a problem to me.
      If you are an American national that will fight and die for my rights, you are my brother. I think you know I am the same and no other nationality other than American nationality enters into the equation.
      What we are being offered up is communism or communism and our country is being f-king invaded. I don’t care what country the invaders are, be they from Europe, Asia, Australia, South or Central America. Those coming up from Central America, I could care less if they are Contra or Sandinista.
      You see at this point in the ballgame, I do not give a monk’s f-k about the rest of the world or what these peoples have let happen in their own countries. I realize things are bad in other countries, but here is a little secret. They are just as bad here. And when the controllers at the top orchestrate an invasion into my country anyone crossing that border becomes my blood enemy.
      There is no left wing, there is no right wing, no conservatives, no liberals, no Republicans, no Democrats, there is just the law or there is not, and at this point there absolutely is not.
      I am 110% mother-king American and the rest of the world is just about ready to find out what that means. We built a civilization here on this continent that was the admiration of the world and now the world thinks we became so civilized that any third worlder can come in here and take it from us. They are dead f-king wrong.
      The enemy has spent a lot of propaganda money trying to scare me by showing me how uncivilized and badass the machete toters are. I will tell you what. The native peoples of the united States were unmatched in their barbarity and my forefathers wiped them out. They got the job done because they were American nationals and I don’t care if it is science or pure raw savagery, the American national will excel.
      They keep the cameras on the f-king slug rejects with their pants hanging down around their f-king knees and try to convince the rest of us that that is what we have been reduced to, but they had better guess again. All the books written on savage brutality since the beginning of recorded history are about to be revised and made obsolete.
      I support my brothers and sisters who are American nationals and the rest of this world had better back the f-k off. That especially includes these f-kers invading from the south. They will not find here a death so subtle as a machete. They don’t have a f-king clue what they are walking into.
      If you are an American national, I don’t care who your descendants were. I am an American national of the American race and I look down and spit on all other races and nationalities. I have the blood of the Welch and the Saxons flowing through my veins and when it comes to all out brutal savage warfare, every other mother f-ker in this world is a johhny come lately.
      And I don’t give a monk’s f-k about the politics of the rest of this world. We are being played. I heard somebody mention on the main stream stupid box the other day that China might could take us in a war, a pure unmitigated lie. One Titan submarine could bring China to its knees.
      The American people are a peaceful and caring people, but you push us past our breaking point and all who stand in our way will just be praying for the mayhem to stop. And it is not going to stop until the Rothschilds, Carnegies, Rockefellers, and the rest of the international elite are publically butchered in front of one another. This time we will set an example that will last as long as the earth itself.
      You seem like a nice enough fella but you need to completely divorce yourself from that Honduran thing. You are an American national of the American race or you are not. There is no middle ground and there is no sympathy for any other son of a bitch around this world until we are done with our butchering and the rest of the peoples around the world understand that we will be left the f-k alone or we will kill them.

      1. Thank you, Henry. Them’s fightin’ words, them’s where we are. If we don’t stand up for ourselves, who will? If we don’t defend ourselves, who will? NO ONE!!! Never before has “The buck stops here meant more.” It is we.


        1. Henry you gotta be Scots-Irish, eh? BORN FIGHTING! Of course, the Welsh and true Celtics are the same. BraveHearts.

          And you all know how I prattle on about “watch out for mountain lions” regarding the “caravan”…well, it turns out we now have a BEAR invasion out here…black bears, some seven feet tall, getting into outdoor food stashes. And I wonder if God sent us a more dangerous predator than the big cats for a very very good reason… Imagine…a seven-foot bear mauling some MS-13 thug…

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