16 thoughts on “A Civil Rights “Citizen”

  1. Maybe in St. Louis (Canrdinals) or Pheonix (Arizona Cardinals)…I’d say St. Louis…it is baseball season, right? And what is anyone supposed to do with Moran’s brain? And which Moran?

  2. All he had to do was spell it phonetically, so this guy is beyond ordinary stupid, because that should have occurred to him in the time it took him to make the sign.

    But he does know how to do one thing……..he has kids, and they’re not going to be scholars, either.

  3. Murcah! Getting ready to go vote my a$$ off, support the troops and police, and thank them for my freedumb! They still allow that I hope? Whew, thanks guys.

    This guy has chump sucker written all over him.

  4. Though the man’s identity is unknown, the photo was taken on March 23rd, 2003 outside of St. Louis, Missouri.[1] On that day, approximately 350 pro-peace activists got together with civilian weapons inspectors at the Boeing missile factory, asking to investigate the weapons of mass destruction being produced there. When they were denied access, the protestors sat in front of the main gate in protest. Approximately 75 pro-war supporters came to the factory with signs discouraging the sit-in. One of these supporters held the “Get a Brain Morans” sign. The photo was initially shared on the St. Louis Indymedia Center[2] in 2003.

    1. He looks like a mossad stooge.
      A real school shooter………….I bet his dad works for Lockheed, Raytheon, etc.
      Or perhaps, the FBI….

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