27 thoughts on “Captions?

  1. Do NOT be deceived- This is not a woman. This is a man commonly known as a HESHE , see how he has it tucked under?the causal leg obstruction. This is what they are truly promoting. The Commie flag is a distraction.Look long and hard at the face- if you can stomach it and the evil will show itself.

  2. These college dorm rooms are so spacious I can stretch my arms out as far as I can and just almost touch the sides. Communism promises me this much living space for “free” so it’s for me!

  3. HeShe is disgusting.
    The flag is disgusting.
    The flab over hisher underpants is disgusting.
    The yin-yang necklace is disgusting (supposedly it’s a Satanic symbol, but you know how symbologists are)…
    The hairstyle and glasses? They’re okay.

  4. Fashion tip: If you look anything like she does, wear a LOT of clothing, and possibly a bag over your head, too.

  5. After seeing that picture; Do we need to ask “Whats Wrong with the USA”

    And to think these people vote and reproduce; Well at least vote

  6. Currently, weird is selling, big time. So I looked past the weirdo and at what was being sold. The ole’ hammer and sickle, in all its glory, lately popping up everywhere. Out to get you and me. ‘Cept they won’t make us all dress the same like in the Mao variety.


    We get to wear rainbows and gender neutral underwear and pink pussy hats and face-glitter. It’s Hammer Time, but without MC.


  7. Hello to my fellow comrades
    Who love all the latest fads
    And Che, Mao and Marx

    I’m truly a rebel
    In the tradition of the devil
    I love to hear his hark

    From my ruby red lips
    To the estrogen patch near my hip
    I’m promoting one gender

    But inside my white panties
    Hides something from which a man pees
    Coiled as if shaped by a pipe bender

    I’ve come to indoctrination camp
    Where I’m encouraged to act like a scamp
    Some folks would call it a school

    If you meet me in a dimly lit bar
    Chances are that you’ll get far
    If you ask to push in my “stool”

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