A Conquered People, Spy State Documentary

A Conquered People – by Scotty Campbell

A Spy State is being erected around us.

To police our every behavior then create a comprehensive, personalized profile used to predict our actions before they happen.

We are a conquered people.

Staying far too tolerant, apathetic, or blissfully unaware we allow it to occur from within, to fester until we succumb.

By sifting through the publically available information we glean the truth.
Reports routinely show the rise in American surveillance, driven by a public-private relationship working in concert to usurp our rights. They reveal piecemeal programs and plans without underscoring a broader nefarious agenda.

We break the spy state down into categories, starting from the most familiar than working towards the more abstract. All collected data falls into quadrants split between information we willingly give up and whats taken without our knowledge or consent – both in the physical and digital world. There is a legal framework behind it. In front is a layer of spin and propaganda. And underneath is a storage matrix so great that it’s almost unbelievable.

Most Americans remain woefully unaware of this spy state building up around them, ignorant of its scope and the various facets that dot our surroundings – every minute of every day.

The purpose of this film is to connect the dots and expose the structure.

Creator’s Note

Due to the rapidly evolving nature of the spy state it is important to note that the majority of research took place before April of this year. Every day I read more news articles, like Facebook’s newest intrusive app and the IRS claiming it can access your emails without a warrant, that would fit perfectly in my film. Unfortunately, time constraints and a looming deadline made it impossible to include everything that was coming out over the last weeks. In retrospect it’s rather startling how inclusive the state is becoming and the speed at which it grows. No doubt I’ll read more stories in days to come that attest to this, nevertheless, I ask that you excuse their absence while understanding that their very existence underscores the argument I make in A Conquered People.

– Scotty Campbell


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