Dog Killer Cop Killed Man with Down Syndrome as a Rookie

Photo: YoutubeIntilliHub – by JG Vibes

As we reported yesterday, a Hawthorne police officer shot a not so violent looking dog in front of several people filming the police, as they raided a house with a gang of officers, with several police cars nearby.

Details about this officers past have now surfaced showing a history of violence.  One situation has even been described where this officer killed a man with down syndrome as a rookie.  

Daniel Saulmon wrote in the description of this recording that:

You can hear him in this recording doing what he can to sweet talk me out of details in an attempt to find information to protect his fellow officers. Once I give him every detail of information I have, he is through with me.

He steals my audio recorder and charges me with 2 felony counts of eavesdropping…632 pc If recording the police was a crime, I would have more counts against me then 2. But its not a crime, and I still will gladly go to jail for it, because as a viewer commented, it seems to flesh out corrupt officers who seek to retaliate against innocent people for no lawful reason. Officers who may not be fit for police work.

No wonder I have seen lies in the media, Swain is the “bold faced liar” writing those stories. I asked him to do something positive recently after a cyclist was killed by another department. I suggested his department lead the way and create policy before they kill someone too.

He said, “naah, I like my officers to have discretion rather then a policy saying what to do.”

That is not surprising, as a Rookie Swain killed a retarded guy who was well known to the department…he allegedly had a screwdriver in his hand. Wouldn’t want good old policy around to spoil good times now would we Swain.

At any rate, this recording is at least 7 years old, but based on my recent arrest on 11-9-2012, the only thing that has changed are a few names. Couple guys retired, like Jester, and Royer.

They did return my video camera and bicycle some 9 days after I was bailed out of jail. Interesting that those items were only kept as “evidence” for about 15 days this time before they returned them.

This is not something that only happened to me by the way. Many people around the country have been charged with the crime of eavesdropping for trying to file a complaint with a recorder. It is a well known fact that it is illegal to do so, arrest that is not record.

You can always record police, no matter what they say to the contrary. If they are doing nothing wrong, they have nothing to hide, right?

15 thoughts on “Dog Killer Cop Killed Man with Down Syndrome as a Rookie

  1. I keep tellin’ ya, this problem will go away when INDIVIDUAL police officers are REQUIRED BY LAW to have INDIVIDUAL professional malpractice insurance policies. When they eff up one too many times and lose their policy because they’ve been costing their insurance carrier too much, they will no longer be police officers.

    1. The Department is covered by insurance, but as one can see, it requires “justifiable shooting”. We all see this outrageous false IA investigations reporting most all shootings as “justifiable”. In my county, the typical settlement for a “bad” TASER shooting is limited to $7600 (a REAL common event here) & a officer reprimand. A shooting resulting in death isn’t compensated & officer is traded off to another county or local LEO. In my 40 years living in my State, I have NEVER seen a LEO bare the full weight of the Judaical for a unjust killing or blatant criminal activity, including child prostitution/trafficking.

      1. I had hoped that my all-caps of certain words would make my point clear…… of course “the department” has insurance, that is the way it’s done now, and that’s the problem. Cops don’t pay, monetarily, for their damage, the taxpayers do through “the department’s” policy.

        Let me stress this again: We need INDIVIDUALLY PURCHASED PROFESSIONAL MALPRACTICE INSURANCE REQUIRED FOR ALL COPS. Each instance of bad judgement or brutal behavior by a cop ought to go in his insurance record and raise his or her premium, just like any driver experiences if they keep screwing up and having accidents, or a doctor experiences if he botches too many surgeries. When a driver, surgeon, or cop can’t afford their insurance premiums any more they (should) have to look for an alternative mode of transportation or line of work. This is as it should be and protects all of us.

        1. Thats a GREAT idea…but, unfortunately that would take the fight right back to them….never happen.

        2. I don’t think there would be any rated insurance company that would cover such a individual liability. I can see that even Bonding them as public officials would have such a high rate that it would be out of any public entity’s reach to consider that possibility. As long as LEO conduct themselves as criminals, they are unisurable or Bondable as individuals. Without a Civilian Review Board, monitoring of misconduct & holding each individual LEO responsible & accountable, this activity will continue & worsen.

          1. Many cities have had civilian review boards for as long as I can remember, but I also can’t remember them ever having a positive effect because they immediately cozy up to the very cops they are supposed to be watching.

            I keep trying to believe that there are some good LEO’s , in spite of the barrage of awful news about bad ones. Insurance carriers are covering all of them now, as a group, and that is harming the good cops by lumping them in with the bad ones. We need a way to get rid of the bad ones short of the public employee firing procedures which can be onerous, and giving good cops a reason to be glad the bad ones are gone.

            The whole point of this proposal is that bad cops WOULD NOT be insurable, thus forcing them out of the profession. Right now they are getting a free ride on the good name of their better-behaved colleagues.

            It would be best to sell this new insurance system for cops as revenue and income-neutral for everyone involved. However much a city, county, or state government can get its insurance premiums cut by no longer covering police malpractice could be distributed to the individual officers as a one-time salary increase to cover their new expense. Good cops with a proven track record would see their premiums go down, allowing them to come out ahead, and bad cops would see their premiums go up until they were drummed out. All vehicle drivers and a lot of professions live with this reality now — bringing cops into this kind of system is not a radical suggestion. It is an idea whose time has come, forced on us by the bad cops themselves.

  2. These cops are out of control. They seem to think that they can do whatever they like under ‘ color of law’. The entire situation was unlawful. The police overstepped their authority. No crime was committed by the victim bystander.
    The arresting officer and the other dog murderering cop should be sued as individuals in criminal court under Title 18 USC sect. 241, and 242. These cops do not deserve to be able to hide behind the city corporate entity and should be tried as criminals. The recording tells the story. These cops do not deserve to carry the badge or the gun.

  3. BAHAHAHAHA!! What a joke. In the video the officer says that every time a complaint gets filed for an officer, it is held on their record for 5 years and that’s why they don’t like to hand out complaint forms. WTF??

    So one complaint and it goes on his record? Just one! Bullshit! Maybe they should try and change their policies so that if it happens twice, they should talk to the guy that the complaint is referring to and if he doesn’t change and it happens a 3rd time, FIRE HIS ASS!! That’s how it is in the real world.

    And if they say that people want to make crappy complaints all the time, then maybe they should just read the damn complaint and assess whether to do anything about it before putting penalizing the officer. Either way, you don’t just NOT give a complaint form when someone asks, you dumbass cop!

    These guys come up with the most bullshit excuses in the world for everything. Cops are the kings of bullshit excuses.

  4. It occurred to me this morning that the horrific cop behavior we are seeing could be long-term fallout from the mass media push post-9/11 to laud all cops as heroes. This could have led to a huge number of wanna-be heroes signing up for the work, but when these cringing cowards are really presented with a frightening situation, like a barking dog, they go straight for their gun….. every time. The same cop who shot this dog murdered a Downs-syndrome young man because he had a screwdriver. This is a coward who flips out under stress.

    Twice during my childhood I was confronted by large attack dogs which I now realize could have killed me, but I stood my ground (petrified) and they backed off. But when the same thing happened to me when I was 25 I decided I wasn’t taking any crap off this huge German shepherd, so I kicked at him and missed, kicked again and connected so solidly under his jaw that it flipped him over backwards and left him unconscious and in convulsions. I have never feared a dog since — they are NOT invulnerable and can be taken out with bare hands and feet.

  5. Why does it not surprise me that this POS has priors? As stated previously, this is typical of cops in L.A. county.

    Make that MOST of So. Cal.

    1. Not an option for me. Their station is about 3 miles north of where I’m sitting right now, on Hawthorne Blvd. I see them all the time.

        1. I watched two Hawthorne cops turn a friend of mine upside down, hold him by the ankles, and try to shake a couple of joints that he scarfed down out of him when we saw them coming..

          And that was back in the sixties.

          Been in their jail a few times, back in the day.

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