A Good Christmas Show as a Good Example of Teaching our Kids about Tyranny and Resistance

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It is hard to show to your kids at time what is really going on. It is hard to share with them what we are fighting for. It is so ugly and so harsh to share the true reality. The other day I was watching with my kids a Christmas show. I watched this very show when I was their age. It is nice to watch shows with our children we watched as a generational thing every time around the Holiday.

Tyranny is my words is being deprived of the very thing we hold dear. The right to free speech and the right to keep and bear arms. The right to be secure in our persons, effects and our homes. I watched this Christmas show all my life and it was under my nose all these years. No one smiles in a tyranny because people are deprived even a tasty meal and the other social graces we enjoy.

The Christmas show I am talking about is the 1970 release of Santa Clause is coming to town. My youngest son understood that Obama coming for our guns is like the character in the Show. The Burgermiester wanted to take all the toys,. Toys were banned because the ruler slipped and feel on a toy. Soldiers were going house to house stealing the toys because no toys were allowed. My son seen the similarity of what I fight for daily just watching this Christmas special. Just like the Burgermiester was coming for the toys was just as bad as Obama coming for the guns.

The other part of this long time TV show was the resistance portrayed by the character before he became Santa Clause. The show tells how he did not like the fact the children did not have toys and they were forbidden. He would find ways for children to get the toys whether he went down the chimney and hid the toys in the stockings. He broke the law that was immoral. He defied the dictator.

It shows the sacrifices and the price he paid having his home destroyed and hiding out in the woods because he defied the Burgermiester’s decree of banning of toys. He still sent toys to the kids regardless of the immoral law in place.

Kris Kringle’s efforts over time of keeping the flow of toys coming caused the Burgermiester to fall from power. The ruler lost control of the people. Exercising our rights will cause a despot to fall is the lesson.

Just watching this show with my son caused me to have a discussion how the Burgermiester and Obama are the same. Just like the movie “Behold a Pale Horse” being a mental primer for adults not informed. Santa Clause coming to Town can be the primer for the young mind to show our kids what we are up against,

I just figured I share this with the patriots. What do you think?


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