NRA Proposes a Police State in Response to Sandy Hook Massacre

In an event every bit as staged as the Sandy Hook shooting, NRA Executive Vice President, Wayne LaPierre, called for a government police officer in every school as a foundation for a full blown police state to be implemented through the nation’s public schools. This is the NRA’s answer to ending gun violence in the United States, with NRA members as proposed participants to make the police state seem like an evil implemented via the consent of we the people.

LaPierre went on to blame violent video games and offer the NRA’s support for censorship, which no doubt will be designed to lead straight to the internet and control thereof.  LaPeirre made no mention of the pharmaceutical industry and its mind altering drugs that have been crammed down the throats of a whole generation of Americans, literally from the time they could walk, right up to the day they lose their minds.

Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America stepped up in defense of our 2nd Amendment right out the gate without consideration to the tidal wave of communist propaganda, while LaPierre slithered back into the shadows, waiting to see which way the political winds would blow.

The NRA represents its 4 million members; the other 176 million of us armed Americans are represented by the 2nd Amendment, absolute, as it is written.

The false flag of Sandy Hook was literally crammed right back into the faces of those communists who planned and perpetrated it.  They put up their fraudulent polls in the mainstream, showing false support for disarmament, which were obliterated through the reality of record sales of assault rifles across the country, even in Newtown, Connecticut where the false flag massacre took place.

It was plain to see that the NRA was getting ready to back down from what I promise you was supposed to be a declaration of their support for assault weapons and high capacity clips bans, when I heard that sleazy little soviet socialist, Joe Scarborough, say:

“If you believe that James Madison wrote the Bill of Rights so people would have the ability to squeeze off that many rounds out of these extended magazine clips, if that’s your America, live in it.  If that’s your America, God bless you, good luck with that.  If you really believe the federal government is coming, gonna kick down your door, and you think, what are you going to do, are you going to shoot that weapon up at the drone?  Lot’s of luck.”

Tell you what, Joe, you treasonous bastard, you are no more going to conquer the American people with drones, than you did the Afghanis.  Number one, Americans developed the technology and it is going to blow your mind as to how fast we develop the counter measure.  Number two, though when this Revolution breaks out we will be shooting at drones, the vast majority of which are toys which are easily shot down, more importantly we are going to be killing the treasonous bastards who would dare operate US drones against we American nationals.

The communists are sweating and well they should be.  The American people are pissed about those twenty children but have come to the realization that these murders are being covered up and lied about for the pure political purpose of disarming our people.

LePierre can shove his police state up his ass along with his proposed attack on our 1st Amendment.  If the unconstitutional 1934 and 1968 gun acts did not exist, no one would know who had a gun and no attack on any defenseless group could be planned out for execution as the potential armed American nationals, with their concealed weapons, could easily put down two or three shooters from the CIA or Mossad or any mentally disturbed individual that would try to harm any innocents.

How brave would the would-be robber or assassin be if there was no way for him to know whether his intended victim possessed equal force?  Even the CIA and Mossad could not know without records to identify who does and does not have a gun.

This one world communist plot is falling apart at the seams and every American national patriot had better be prepared to fight for his or her life at a moment’s notice.  No one knows where the next false flag will come from, but all can be assured it is coming.  The international socialist insurgency in the United States has gone beyond the point of no return and is as hell bent on its own destruction as a World War II Kamikaze pilot, or more aptly, like the commander sending the pilot out.

Buy more guns, buy more ammo, organize, equip, and train, and let us take out the Kamikaze pilot before his plane hits the ship.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

22 thoughts on “NRA Proposes a Police State in Response to Sandy Hook Massacre

  1. Why cops?
    Why not citizens themselves..for free?
    In fact..why don’t the citizens DEMAND, or just start doing it?

    ~Blessed Be to all~

  2. La Pierre and the NRA have been swarmed over and infested with jewish moles, ever since Heston retired. That’s when I quit the organization. I saw immediately what was going on – the old jewish tactic of infiltrating their perceived opposition, elbowing the former leadership aside, and then taking the organization over. The NRA has done nothing but cut deals with despicably evil gun grabbers like Feinstein and Schumer ever since and betrayed their membership so many times its hard to keep track of them.

    Of course, the NRA would support police state creation. That’s what the jews want; to resurrect their beloved USSR right here in North America.

  3. “……. while LaPierre slithered back into the shadows, waiting to see which way the political winds would blow.”

    COWARDS! Every friggin’ one. These Traitorous bastards have no idea of what Liberty & Freedom are. Mark my words; These SOB’s will sell the Right to Keep and Bear Arms off & make a profit selling their over-priced paraphernalia.

  4. Arm the damn teachers for Christ Sake! Limit points of entry with steel reinforced doors. Rocket science? Quit feeding our kids polluted mind altering f&%^ing foods!

    1. Hi Mark and Brent,

      Please, do not be fooled by the tactic.

      It is not a matter of steel doors and being cowards,.. those are just the theater.

      The GOAL here is,… Disarmament and the Installation of the complete Police-Terror-State!

      The theater is just to keep the sheeple entertained, and the stupid preoccupied.

      Keep your eye on the big picture – Disarmament & Tyranny.

      The good fight is almost upon us,… keep well my brothers.

      JD – US Marines – Day 8 Of The 2nd American Revolution.

      1. Marine, that’s why I make my statement & don’t give them any more thought. Soon as the sheep become wolves & quit giving theses schills credibility & funding, sooner we can get on dealing with the real problems. EVERY one of these small snippets is media blitzing that clouds the battle. The bar tab is coming due for their party & We sure ain’t picking up the bill for something we didn’t even show up for.
        Semper Fi

      2. In the mean time,

        Blow the f#$kers heads off that threatens our kids. we can parse this bullshit until the cows come home with foam coming from their mouths. Don’t tell me about big f#@king picture. Kids were shot dead sir. Arm and shoot dead, worry about the other bullshit later.

        1. Hi Mark,..

          Kids are dead, and by all accounts,.. killed with an efficiency and expertise that some zombied kid with no military or law enforcement background is simply incapable of.

          Your emotional reaction is EXACTLY what they are attempting to provoke, as that is what makes Bernaysian Conditioning so effective.

          Given all the impossible contradictions between the gov’ts story and the physical facts at hand,.. there is no doubt this was a staged event,.. committed by a CIA-Vector-Team, using SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) that have been developed and refined in foreign lands for decades now.

          All this has been discussed in previous articles here as well as on Henry’s radio show.

          If you still think that some punk kid,.. hopped up on some meds did this,.. then you probable believe that 9/11 was done by Bin Ladin while he was in a cave on the other side of the world, and carried out by a couple of punk muslims high-jacking and flying one of the worlds most sophisticated aircraft when he could not even handle a 180 Cessna.

          Ok,… thats fine,.. I’m not here to question your beliefs,.. my apologies.

          JD – US Marines – Day 8 Of The 2nd American Revolution

          1. I don’t think your getting my drift. Some zombie comes into a school room with a gun. Have the ability to blow his f@$king head off. I don’t give a damn about 911 or any other of your parsing sir. I know all about 911 and who is really responsible. I wrote countless articles about it on this site which you apparently have not taken the time to read. Please do not put words in my mouth.

            Lets walk through my posiition again so you understand it with more clarity.

            Kid comes into my daughters school room with a tee shirt that says, I hate the US Marines and I’m going to blow your f#@king head off. He is holding a AK 47 full auto to my daughters head.

            Give that teacher a f#@king gun so she or he can blow that little bastards head clean off before he kills my daughter.

            Understand sir? Please do not feed me anymore of your ridiculous statements about my emotions or your comments concerning this matter will be erased and thrown into the trash heap.

          2. Ditto Mark schumacher!!!

            Same problem I have had with this self appointed Know-it-all…always telling everybody else they are too stupid to understand…..F$%# Him……..MR JD… all glory and guts…..suppose you go start the dayum gun play…

            Controlled opposition….???

            Make people wonder when a loud mouth talks big.

          3. STILL waiting to see ACTUAL dead bodies on this one.

            Don’t anybody get mad at me, please.

            Just sayin’.

          4. @oldvet,
            The Christmas liquor is supposed to make us feel happy, but then I guess this isn’t an average year.
            JD is working hard for our cause, as are we all, including you, I hope.
            I would think that if we had any differences amongst ourselves we would converse through email and not present weakness through divisiveness on our site.
            This isn’t f#@king Facebook, and we are not children.

  5. I say lets use retired members of the military one that have families to stand guard at the schools, give them a job instead of turning our backs on them and forgetting them

    1. Hi Glenn,

      If you REALLY wish to stop another horrific attack like Newtown from happeneing agian,.. all you neeed to do is call the CIA and tell them to stop!

      The Newtown Massacre of 20 Children, 6 Adults, and Lanza with his mom (28 in total), was a CIA-Vector-Team Op.

      A common method they use in most other countries for several decades,.. now being brought home for use.

      JD – US Marines – Day 8 Of The Second American Revolution

  6. My Fellow Americans:

    It is now official –


    It has just sold out America!

    The only reason they took a week to respond is because,.. they were negotiating there sell-out price.


    JD – US Marines – Day 8 Of The 2nd American Revolution.

  7. he NRA is calling for more of a police state, they are nothing but controlled opposition. They only represent 4 million gun owners and the last time I checked there are far more than 4 million of us.

    The NRA did nothing but cower and wait to see which way the political winds were blowing to make their statement, make no mistake they would have been leading the charge on an “assault” weapons ban if that’s what they thought people wanted.

    They are cowards and scum who are nothing more than a lobby for the gun industry and not a gun rights group.

  8. Damn straight, Henry. Great article!

    “If you believe that James Madison wrote the Bill of Rights so people would have the ability to squeeze off that many rounds out of these extended magazine clips, if that’s your America, live in it. If that’s your America, God bless you, good luck with that. If you really believe the federal government is coming, gonna kick down your door, and you think, what are you going to do, are you going to shoot that weapon up at the drone? Lot’s of luck.”

    It NEVER ceases to amaze me that EVERY time one of these @sswipes manages to say something truthful, it’s ALWAYS in the form of sarcasm, as if at least SOME of us in this country aren’t informed enough and intelligent enough to know what we know.

    This POS can go straight to hell!

    It would be a pleasure to send him there personally.

  9. To all our regulars,
    I am having a very difficult time comprehending how people I know to be intelligent and very aware could allow themselves to be sucked in to the same arguments that are the mainstream propaganda production.
    We will never know exactly what happened at Sandy Hook because the international corporate mafia will be sure to kill as many as is necessary to break the chain of information.
    Our 2nd Amendment right is unconditional and is not up for debate. Everybody gets to carry a gun all the time if they want to and anything less is compromise. And this I will not debate.
    We are trying to get at our core absolute rights. We do not have to wade through a river of sub-laws that are automatically unenforceable as they stand in contradiction of the supreme law to get to where we need to go. All the sub-laws represent are an attempt to get a debate going and raise a question about that which cannot be debated or questioned. Inalienable means absolute.
    You all are my brothers and sisters. Now I want you all to embrace and sing after me:
    “I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family….” 🙂

  10. Limpy Wrist is part of the problem, the nra.
    They’ve compromised. NEVER to be trusted again !
    We need to be supporting, ” GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA”
    The choice is yours, the red pill or the blue pill…………..
    The blue pill brings slavery.
    The red pill brings FREEDOM.
    The choice is yours …for now.

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