8 thoughts on “A great time was had by all!!

  1. Koyote and Jill showed me a fantastic time at their home in the suburbs of OKC. Really great people along with their son Wade his bride and their beautiful daughter.

    Great food. Three fine dogs, and a beautiful home on 2.5 acres of pure heaven. Really had a fun time. Being able to travel the country and to meet fine people like this is a gift from God.

    1. Ah, man,…. that’s great. I’m really glad you get to visit some trenchers in your travels, Mark.

      I’d be honored to lift a few cold ones with Koyote & Jill. That’s too cool that you get to visit people.

      Don’t complain about your job anymore. Nothing beats seeing new places, and being able to meet people we only see on a computer screen.

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