A Mob of More Than 600 Teens Laid Siege to a Florida Movie Theater

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Apparently the Brooklyn, NY shopping center that was put “on tilt” by a horde of teenagers the day after Christmas wasn’t the only public place under attack this holiday season. On Christmas day, over 600 people, mostly teenagers, were involved in a vicious brawl at the Hollywood River City 14 movie theater in Jacksonville, Florida.

It all began when a group of approximately 30 African-American males stormed the theater because they apparently felt entitled to see the movie without paying. (source)  

A spokeswoman for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office, Lauri-Ellen Smith, reported that an off-duty female officer was the only person working security at the time.

“The officer administered pepper spray to disperse the group, locked the doors and called for backup, following protocol,” Smith told reporters. “After the officer administered the pepper spray, upwards of 600 people moving throughout a parking lot about the size of a football field began fighting, disrupting and jumping on cars.” (source)

About 60 officers responded and the unruly crowd responded by attacking them, resulting in a free-for-all battle in the parking lot that took about an hour to get under control.  You can see the video here of the mob of young people.

Unlike the Brooklyn mall riot, at least a few arrests were made in the Florida mob scene.  However, only 5  of the 600+ people involved were arrested.

All five of the people arrested on the scene were charged with crimes related to fighting. Three of those arrested, including one minor, were charged with felonies. Two other juveniles, who have not been named by police, were charged with misdemeanors.

Tevyn Alonza Davis, 19, was charged with resisting arrest and breach of the peace. Jaquade Marquis Miller, 18, was charged with fighting and resisting arrest. Khalil Ahmad Bradley, 17, the only minor charged with a felony, was arrested for resisting arrest, refusal to disperse and breach of the peace.

Davis and Bradley each “took a fighting stance” when confronted by police and told to leave the area, according to arrest reports. Miller, too, “took an aggressive stance” when told by police to leave the parking lot. (source)

Vehicles in the parking lot were damaged, and the movie theater property also sustained damage, but miraculously, no one was seriously injured.

This is just another example of the generation of psychopaths that has been created by the entitlement mentality. These thugs believed that they should be exempt from paying for their movie theater tickets like other people, and become violent when they were thwarted.

Between flash mobs of animalistic teenagers and thugs roaming around assaulting random victims in the Knockout “game” the thin veneer of civilization is rapidly eroding, making downtown America seem more like the scene of some post-Apocalyptic movie than a first-world country. How did we get to the point at which it is unsafe to leave your house and go to the movies or the mall?

Meanwhile, the government is striving to disarm law-abiding citizens, leaving us no way to protect ourselves against a society of truly psychopathic young people who believe that they should have anything they want.  These kids have no respect for others, no sense of empathy, and  no moral compass to guide them. They are not like the rest of us when they get swept up in these mobs.  In these situations, the participants have devolved to such a lack of scruples that they behave like packs of wild animals hunting down prey. When faced with an enemy who is not guided by the same rules that decent human beings are, superior defensive power is your only option if you want to survive.

The most difficult part of preparedness for some people is the concept of defense.  Many of us, especially those without military backgrounds or law enforcement training, don’t want to consider harming another human being. But as our society continues to devolve, being ready to protect yourself and your family is one of the most vital aspects of a preparedness plan. All of the storable food in the world is of no use if you don’t live long enough to eat it or if you can’t defend it.

As a good friend of mine has been telling me for years, “Predator or prey, the choice is yours.”


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10 thoughts on “A Mob of More Than 600 Teens Laid Siege to a Florida Movie Theater

  1. It’s not simply entitlement, but also brainwashing by the media. From birth, these kids are taught that its cool to differentiate from others by being gangsters, thugs, hoodlums. However, they also suffer from poor education and parenting, which are largely a result of entitlements.

  2. Now you can see WHY you will need LOTS MORE AMMO. Buy now and keep buy more. Pay attention to your surroundings and be prepared to evac or defend yourself depending upon the situation. Liberty 1775

    1. Hi Mark,

      Funny how DHS does not seem to have any, “No Hesitation Targets” that looked like any of these people.

      Curious how all the no hesitation targets seemed to be of white people (although one or two look a little hispanic,.. very little…)

      Solution: Ammo,.. ammo,…. ammo I would think.

      Can any one over at the FBI, DHS, TSA, CIA, or any of the other criminal Fed Agencies that is reading this post rigtht now,…, tell me why groups of people who do seem to have similair characteristics,.. have proven their disruptive and criminal intent,.. over and over again,.. yet there does not seem to be any “Training Targets” of this ethnic group??

      How come?

      JD – US Marines – Best be ready people,.. what has been happening on the small scale, is sure to be repeated on the big scale.

  3. Video footage sucks and how do we know this wasn’t orchestrated? We have this one and then the one in Brooklyn, NY. Coincidence or more police state training drills?

    1. I think that they are just trying to put stuff into kids heads now days just like the PTB have allways done to instigate stuff. If one way dosen`t work they will try another way.

  4. I wonder…are these kids part of some group that is being pushed to be doing this sorta thing to bring about something we all know here that Obama is striving for–race riots–especially when some white kid does it to a black and gets jailed for a “hate crime”? I just wish blacks would wake up…seems they will be the last to do so…Cointelpro and all that…

  5. It is a really disturbing thought that we may have to remove a large portion of our younger generation. But if it comes to them attacking what can you do? Turn the other cheek? No that will not be the case, there will be a few less youths in the next gang rampage. Too bad this country is ripe to be flushed right down the toilet.
    We could have saved it but I think it may be too late now.

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