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Google’s Self-Driving Cars: The Big-Tech Takeover Continues

The Organic Prepper – by Meadow Clark A self-driving car program, now known as Waymo, is about to quietly launch a fleet of paid rides in the world’s very first commercial driverless car service. Imagine a world where you hail … Continue reading

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What’s the Truth About Those “Re-education” Camps in China?

The Organic Prepper – by Robert Wheeler With the recent media coverage surrounding China’s alleged re-education camps, many Americans are having a knee-jerk reaction, both pro and con, to the claims by Western MSM outlets regarding the nature of the … Continue reading

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How to Roast Coffee Beans at Home

The Organic Prepper – by Atypical Sapien Note from Daisy:  When I saw this incredibly useful post over in the forum, I knew I had to share with you guys for two reasons: first, to show you how awesome our forum … Continue reading

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Stranded California Ambulance Crew Survived the Wildfire (and Saved Their Patients) by Fighting It Themselves

The Organic Prepper The news outlets are making much ado over the fact that a list of celebrities had to evacuate their homes in Malibu due to a wildfire and that some of those homes are lost. But fires are … Continue reading

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The Retail Apocalypse Continues: Here Are the Lowe’s Stores Closing Soon

The Organic Prepper By now, just about everyone has watched one or more local stores close their doors for good. Lowe’s, a hardware and home improvement store that has been around for 72 years, is closing around 50 of their … Continue reading

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Canola Oil Is Destroying Your Heart (Even If It’s Organic) – Here’s What to Use Instead

The Organic Prepper – by Meadow Clark Canola oil is a popular food ingredient used mostly for frying and baking that doesn’t belong on anyone’s plate or in any snack bags. It’s an ingredient not meant for human consumption and … Continue reading

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How to Survive an Earthquake

The Organic Prepper If you were caught up in the midst of a massive earthquake – the kind that takes down buildings and buckles roads – would you know what to do? I’m not talking about a minor temblor that … Continue reading

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Here’s a Look Inside the First Aid Kit of an Army Medic

The Organic Prepper – by Chuck Hudson Note from Daisy: What’s in the “perfect” first aid kit? There are so many different kits out there all claiming to be there claiming to be the very best that it can get a … Continue reading

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Inflation Is About to Increase the Prices of EVERYTHING

The Organic Prepper We’ve been pretty lucky over the last ten years in terms of inflation, which has remained at about 2%. However, if the Wall Street Journal is correct, our luck is about to run out. The price of … Continue reading

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Want Some Weedkiller for Breakfast? Here’s What You Can Do to Avoid the Poison in Nearly All Dry Breakfast Foods

The Organic Prepper – by Meadow Clark Does your favorite cereal contain glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller? The answer is most likely YES! Oatmeal, cereal, snack bars, and other dry goods now found to contain glyphosate at levels deemed … Continue reading

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Thousands Are VOLUNTEERING to Be MICROCHIPPED in Sweden: Can the Rest of the World Be Far Behind?

The Organic Prepper – by Adam Palmer Once, people who warned that the world was entering a time when all citizens would be microchipped, tracked, and traced were laughed at, mocked, and labeled religious fundamentalists, or crazy conspiracy theorists. Such … Continue reading

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The NEW Social Media: Alternatives to Facebook, YouTube,Twitter, and Other Big Tech Platforms

The Organic Prepper Lately, I’ve written a lot about the alternative media purge and how Big Tech social media platforms are attempting to control the narrative, the elections, and public perception through censorship and financial blacklisting. Lots of people are ready to leave websites … Continue reading

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Putin: In a Nuclear Holocaust “We Will Be Martyrs, They Will Drop Dead”

The Organic Prepper – by Robert Wheeler Ever since the Euromaidan color revolution in Ukraine, the threat of a thermonuclear confrontation between Russia and the United States has been steadily growing. With the United States and NATO forces having pushed … Continue reading

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Backup Power on a Budget: Notes from South Africa

The Organic Prepper Editor’s note: By now, just about everyone has heard about the difficulties occurring in South Africa. The violence is palpable, the corruption is an everyday fact, and utilities such as water and electricity are no longer a given. Not only … Continue reading

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Parents Lose One More Right in California as the State Limits Kid’s Menu Drinks to Water or Milk

The Organic Prepper – by Meadow Clark Yes, the rumors are true. California lawmakers passed a state law that forces restaurants within the state to offer only select beverages on children’s menus. Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 1192 into law in … Continue reading

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3 TOTALLY FAKE Foods in Just About Everybody’s Kitchen

The Organic Prepper Americans are eating fake foods. It’s sad but true that many American staples are fraudulent. Going to the grocery store and searching for whole, nutritious foods is like running a gauntlet of lies. The American food system … Continue reading

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The People “Stopping Election Interference” Are the Ones Who Are Actually Rigging the Election

The Organic Prepper Last week, Mark Zuckerberg made the media rounds to give a rather shady explanation of why Facebook suddenly closed hundreds of incredibly popular pages in what’s being called The Alternative Media Purge. Zuckerberg accused the closed pages, many … Continue reading

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The Last Rebels: 25 Things We Did as Kids That Would Get Someone Arrested Today

The Organic Prepper With all of the ridiculous new regulations, coddling, and societal mores that seem to be the norm these days, it’s a miracle those of us over 30 survived our childhoods. Here’s the problem with all of this … Continue reading

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Coconut Oil: 80 Reasons to Add It to Your Stockpile

The Organic Prepper Coconut oil is a shelf stable product that really does it all. This pantry item can be used (nutritiously) in place of butter, shortening, and cooking oil, and then pressed into duty as a health and beauty aid. … Continue reading

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Politics and Politicians Were BANNED in this Mexican Town in 2011. They Haven’t Had a Major Crime Since.

The Organic Prepper As violent crime overtakes Mexico, one small town seems to have things figured out. They discovered that the root of all their problems was the politicians and they kicked them out. Not only that, but they’ve also banned … Continue reading

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