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Who Controls the (Alternate) “Reality” in America?

The Organic Prepper Who’s really got the power in America? Most people are living in an alternate reality created by those with the biggest platforms. Individual “reality” is defined by what people believe to be true more than what actually … Continue reading

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How to Survive a Nuclear Strike

The Organic Prepper Learning what to do in the event of a nuclear strike just took on a whole new urgency now that Kim Jong Un just threatened to nuke the US. We don’t know if Kim Jong Un actually … Continue reading

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Announcement: The Prepper’s Canning Guide Is Now Available

The Organic Prepper I’m excited to announce that my new book is out. The Prepper’s Canning Guide: Affordably Stockpile a Lifesaving Supply of Nutritious, Delicious, Shelf-Stable Foods is now available on Amazon. Here’s how this book is different If you … Continue reading

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“A Day Without a Woman” Only Empowers Well-To-Do Women

Daisy Luther Want to talk about “privilege?” A classic example is the “Day Without a Woman.” The Women’s March website says: Let’s raise our voices together again, to say that women’s rights are human rights, regardless of a woman’s race, … Continue reading

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GMO Potatoes Will Hit Stores and Restaurants Soon…If They Haven’t Already

The Organic Prepper If you prefer to avoid genetically modified foods, here’s another one to avoid. GMO potatoes will be joining  GMO apples at a store near you very soon – if they aren’t there already. Last week, the FDA … Continue reading

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Cheese Recall Affects 130 More Products … But The FDA Isn’t Allowed to Name Them

The Organic Prepper You probably saw the article last week about the massive recall of Sargento products. As it turns out, the Sargento products are only a drop in the bucket – there are 130 more products out there and … Continue reading

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How to be a Peaceful Person in a Hostile World

The Organic Prepper It’s the hottest day of the summer so far. The mercury is way up there, and all you want to do is stay in your nice air-conditioned home until it cools off after dark. But alas, you … Continue reading

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The Oroville Spillway Disaster: Why You Should NEVER Wait for the Official Evacuation Order

The Organic Prepper After five years of drought, a new disaster faces Northern California: the imminent collapse of the Oroville Spillway. Nearly 200,000 people were evacuated last night from areas below the Oroville Dam due to the fear that the … Continue reading

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3 Ways Americans Are Being Deliberately Divided

The Organic Prepper Survival Saturday is a round-up of the week’s news and resources for folks who are interested in being prepared. This Week in the News Let’s talk about the blatant efforts to cause an irreparable rift between the people … Continue reading

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Without Rule of Law: How to Survive a Real Life Purge Like the One in Brazil

The Organic Prepper In southeastern Brazil, a real-life version of the movie The Purge is going on. Police officers in the state of Espirito Santo went on strike Friday. Their families have barricaded the exits of eleven law enforcement barracks, preventing … Continue reading

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How to Survive an Earthquake

The Organic Prepper If you were caught up in the midst of a massive earthquake – the kind that takes down buildings and buckles roads – would you know what to do? I’m not talking about a minor temblor that … Continue reading

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GMO Apples Hit American Stores This Month: How and Why to Avoid Them

The Organic Prepper If a food company invented a new version of a typical food and then packaged it in a box without the ingredients etc. listed on the packaging, there would be quite the outcry. So why is it that … Continue reading

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Product Review: The Simple, Lightweight AquaPail 1100 Gravity Filter

The Organic Prepper Water contamination is a major issue in the United States, even if you aren’t in the midst of an emergency. As I recently wrote, one-third of Americans are living without safe running water right now. For some, … Continue reading

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Bane or Blessing? 9 Ways Trump Could Change the World

Daisy Luther Amid the screaming and wailing of the anti-Trump activists, it’s easy to lose sight of the possible changes that the United States – and even the world – could see when Donald J Trump officially becomes the President … Continue reading

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Slate Presents a Fake News Tool So You Can Narc on Stuff You Don’t Like

Daisy Luther In a clearcut case of an ironically bearded hipster fox guarding the henhouse of truth, Slate presents a brand new extension that Chrome users can install. The tool not only identifies “fake news” but allows readers to narc … Continue reading

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One Third of Americans Can’t Afford Safe Running Water

Daisy Luther According to a new report, more than a third of the population of America has no access to clean, reliable drinking water. We don’t generally think of the United States as being a country where people just cannot … Continue reading

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Anti-Trump Group Plans to Use a Chemical Weapon to Disrupt Inauguration Event

Daisy Luther This one is for all of the people who say, “Oh, the anti-Trump protesters are just exercising their First Amendment rights.” Sorry, folks, but deploying butyric acid during an inauguration event is NOT covered by 1A.  

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An Unsexy Survival Plan for California’s Epic Floods, Avalanches, and Mudslides

The Organic Prepper How do you survive a flood, mudslides, avalanches, power outages, and gale force winds? What about sinkholes and buckling roads? You’re going to be so disappointed when I tell you the secret. Because it’s not dramatic. No … Continue reading

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Incoming: NASA Totally Missed an Asteroid That Was Closer to Us Than the Moon

Daisy Luther It’s always unnerving to learn that NASA, arbiters of space safety, missed a giant hunk of space rock flying so close to the Earth you almost needed to duck. Like the asteroid that did a fly-by at just … Continue reading

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The People Freaking Out About Milo’s Book Deal Are the Whole Reason He Got a Book Deal

Daisy Luther Milo Yiannopolos has become incredibly rich being outspoken, even a bit of a troll. Now, he’s getting even richer with an enviable quarter million dollar book deal that he just signed with Simon and Schuster. While people love … Continue reading

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