A Salute to the Individuals Fighting in the Trenches

The drive to raise $2000 for the Live 365 for Liberty Tree Radio has been a success.  This labor has been accomplished via the unselfish contribution of free individual US nationals and indeed freedom loving listeners in other countries around the world.  The success in our endeavor is no doubt causing aggravation and worry among our enemies as they see our power through unity, increasing exponentially day by day.

Liberty Tree Radio is becoming very powerful as is From the Trenches World Report, and we have accomplished this status as free individuals advocating for our Bill of Rights.  No one has joined any collective and is not bound by any collective ideology, as our absolute assertion is individual freedom and liberty, possessed and maintained through the assertion of individual will. 

We as individuals will repatriate our Republic and the repatriation will be absolute, as each and every one of us must be pacified to the extent that we once again have in our individual possession our absolute unalienable God given rights, completely free from any and all infringement.

This movement cannot be stopped because each American national involved is a pillar and there is no leadership to be corrupted.  If any one of us is removed, the structure still stands, as no one of us is any more important to the end goal than any other.  And this goes right down to the person that put up $3 of his last $5 to make sure that his or her will is known to the rest of our people.

The communists had a good ride with their multi-culturalism and dumbing down campaigns as they had too many of our people conned into thinking they were the only ones who could see what was going on and wanted it to stop.

Our enemies, in their rush to conquer and enslave us, have overplayed their hand and now the reality of our numbers has become focused and in view as the handful of international communists and national socialists infiltrated within what once was our government find themselves standing alone with the contempt of the world coming down on them.

For far too long these sleazy parasites have used the threat of we the armed population of the united States of the Americas to bully and abuse other peoples around the world.  Now, thanks to our individual efforts on the internet and the airwaves, the rest of the world is seeing that we the American people, though being absolutely a force to be reckoned with, are not devoid of morality and simple decency, that indeed, we too have been the victims of abuse.

When we stand as individuals we are strong beyond our own beliefs and we will free ourselves from this tyranny that has sleazed into our lives as a result of our kindness being manipulated and used against us as a weakness.

Make no mistake, there is going to be a fight, as the only option for saving ourselves is to destroy the enemy that is hell bent on destroying us.  We will be savage and vicious in our war to regain our ability to be kind and compassionate and yet left alone.

To our people who have stepped up for Liberty Tree Radio, I salute you and tell you, “Feel good, for the actions you have taken has and will continue to hurt our enemy.”

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

10 thoughts on “A Salute to the Individuals Fighting in the Trenches

  1. It’s been a great ride Henry. Thanks for the opportunity you and Laura have given us all. We have one hell of a special site here. Unbelievable support from some damn special people. Right on brother!

  2. We are “We The People”, and we’re united by our common goal, and our common enemy, and the only leader we’ll ever need is our own love of freedom and our constitutional rights.

    If you do seek a “leader” to follow, let it be the founding fathers of this nation. The remains of what they stood for still stands all around us and among us, and only requires a little effort on our part to see it restored to its former glory.

    God Bless America.
    Sic Semper Tyrannis.

  3. Right on Henry! It reminds me of the Native American story of taking one stick in the hand, and it breaks easily. But when one tries to break a whole handful of sticks, it can’t be done. When we all stick together as a unit, it can’t be broken even if one goes down. Yes, we each have our opinions on various things, but those things can be discussed and cussed AFTER we get our blessed Republic back. Right now, we must focus like a laser on our enemy.

  4. “We could have pursued no other course
    without dishonor….if it had to be done all
    over again, we should be compelled to
    act in precisely the same manner.”
    – Gen. R.E. Lee

    1. To, a very special website,
      To a very special creator of this site and to his aide at hand
      To a very special group of daily readers, article finders, financial helpers
      To a very special idea, and the first of value in living….


  5. I look forward to 2:00 each day. That is when you are on here. Each evening my wife listens to the rebroadcast. There are very few Patriots out there that actually believe in the cause, not just money or fame. I am glad that I have found this place. To all who donated to help keep this fight alive and to all who post here, you are true Patriots!
    Long Live The Republic, Death to all Tyrants

  6. This site is outstanding because TRUTH reigns supreme here.

    Many thanks for your selfless efforts to present the truth to all who will listen, Henry and Laura.

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