Microsoft Forcing People To Accept Windows 8 and NSA’s Prism Technology

Recently, I have been shopping for a new computer and have been looking for any computer that does not have Windows 8, as I am an American and I FREELY CHOOSE to NOT want that operating system on my computer. I am fully aware of all of the bugs in the new operating system, including the fact that Microsoft has a default setting in their system that allows the NSA to go in, view and copy any information on your computer to be used against you WITHOUT your explicit authorization and going against any or all privacy laws.

Microsoft’s basically uses the pathetic excuse, “Well, we already had the default setting checked in order to prevent us from giving any information to the government before and no one knew about it in our earlier operating systems, so we are just going to leave that default unchecked and the user can have the option to check it if they want.”  

Are you kidding me? This is an invasion of privacy, is unethical and goes against every law in the book! There shouldn’t even be anything to allow anyone into your computer unless you specifically say so!

So knowing this, I refuse to get Windows 8 and decided to go shopping for a simple $400 laptop that has Windows 7 on it (knowing that Windows XP is phased out and Vista is a mess).

As I went to Frys, Best Buy and even a local computer store, I have gotten plenty of information from salesmen who mostly give me a look that they know what is going on, while others pretend to not know and then say there are other reasons why they don’t allow anything but Windows 8 to be sold anymore in stores.

Starting with Frys, I noticed they all have Windows 8 and asked the salesman why they don’t have Windows 7 on them and told them all about Microsoft allowing NSA a backdoor into the system. Now I know that Windows 7 also has its own backdoor as well, but Windows 8 has become so blatant about it that I refuse to purchase a computer with it.

Anyways, one salesman stated that the company is required to have them and not any other operating system. I told them that I refused to buy a computer with Windows 8 on it and he said, “Yep, trust me. You’re not the only one”.

Of course, for a fee they can reinstall it but stated that the drivers may not work with Windows 7 or XP, as some are not compatible. BLACKMAIL!

Also, if you look at Frys website, and select laptops and Windows 7 operating systems, you’ll notice a list of around 10-20 laptops, if not more that have Windows 7 on them. However, once you click on any of the items and add it to your cart, they tell you they are “unavailable” to ship for EVERY single one of them. It’s FALSE ADVERTISING!

Next, I went to Best Buy and once again, I noticed they all have Windows 8 on them and asked the salesman, who was actually someone who worked for Intel and Microsoft in manufacturing the hardware. After telling him about the backdoor issue, he kind of rolled his eyes at me. I said to him, “Seriously, it’s all over the Internet”. (So for those of you sheeple, who don’t believe me, see how Microsoft hands over our information to the NSA using PRISM to infiltrate our computers here, here, here, here, here, here, and here or if you are just too damn lazy, just type in your search engine, “Microsoft NSA backdoor”. Hell, even mainstream media admits it. See here). That any knowledgeable computer salesman, technician or programmer doesn’t know about this is completely preposterous. It’s just that they know that if they say, “Yes, it’s true” that people won’t buy anything and are basically forced to lie to them.

However, that same salesman explained to me that Microsoft, a few months ago, had paid millions of dollars to recall all Windows 7 and Vista operating systems from any major corporate store in the country and to have them internationally shipped back to the plants because they wanted to make sure that everyone who buys a computer now has this new touch-screen technology and cooling system.

I just looked at him and said, “And there you go. Just another excuse for them to force people to buy Windows 8, so NSA can spy on you as quickly as possible” in which he stated, “Well, that may be the reason, but the I know the reason is because they want to get people to use this technology as quickly as possible”.

Hmm…as quickly as possible.

They are FORCING people to use Windows 8 and doing it fast. Why?

The salesman’s excuse makes no sense. I mean think about it. Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows Vista were plagued with problems and Microsoft continued to sell them and did not recall them from stores. They slowly phased it out over time even when new operating systems came into existence and the customer/user still had the option of whether or not to buy a certain operating system. They FREELY had a CHOICE!

Now all of a sudden, Fascist Microsoft decides what the customer/user can and cannot have on their computer by eliminating their CHOICE and even going to great lengths and spending millions of dollars to remove these operating systems and computers from every major corporate store in the country and have it expedited back overseas to their factories. Does that not seem odd to anyone? Especially since Windows 7 is still fairly new. The customer/user always had at least two kinds of operating systems to choose from. Now they don’t have any. It’s as almost as if Microsoft is hiding something. Maybe because they are!

What’s even more upsetting is that We the people are allowing them to get away with it or are just easily distracted by new, glorious, upgraded gadgets like touchscreen, voice activation, faster webcams and revolutionary software, that we don’t even know what it can do to us from behind the scenes. Just look over here. Don’t look behind the curtain, folks!

Once again, to the untrained individual like this guy at Best Buy, we see Microsoft training their foot soldiers to brainwash people into purchasing and using this new technology and colorful gadgets such as SMART technology and so on as a distraction, while NOT telling you that they are allowing the government to spy on you from behind the scenes. It’s an absolute smokescreen!

So the salesman tells me that you can go online and order one. So I go to the person at the customer service desk where they can form online orders and ask him to order one for me that has Windows 7, as I looked on their site earlier before going there and they had some. So the geek from Geek Squad with his arrogant attitude, tried to rudely help me (after I seemed to have interrupted his important paperwork even though there were no other customers there but me) by looking on his computer and saying, “we don’t have any on our site and we can’t ship anything but Windows 8 to our stores. You must have been looking at one of our linked sites that do business with us and links to Best Buy on our site.”

So later, I go back and look at their site and after trying to add it to my cart and going to the checkout, it states it is “unavailable” to be shipped. It’s just like Frys’ website. Don’t believe me, look here.

I mean with all of this false advertising, you’d think we were living in a Communist country. Oh that’s right, we are! It’s insane!

My last stop, I went to a second hand, privately owned computer store and talked with a salesman who seems to be with it and said that Microsoft is messing up a lot of people’s lives and is making a lot of bad choices. He said that (whether it is true or not) by April, Microsoft will no longer be using Windows XP or supporting it and that they have viruses just waiting to screw people’s computers up, almost as if they were forcing people to buy their new system.

In the meantime, he knew about the recall of Windows 7 and so on. I also asked if I could delete Windows 8 and install Linux and he said with Windows XP, Vista or 7, it can be done, but with Windows 8, it is tricky as everything is set or locked into the hardware, making it difficult to do. Otherwise, you are forced to have dual operating systems on your computer, which basically means Windows 8 is still on your computer.

Do you people see what is going on here?

Microsoft is ready to allow hackers to throw viruses on Windows XP computers and then recalling all Vista and 7 operating systems, while making it difficult to change to another operating system other than 8. Also, we see the recent story about how NSA even asking Linux creators to install a backdoor into their operating systems (see here) and don’t even get me started with Mac computers and their backdoors for the government.

It’s an all-out takeover of our 1st and 4th Article Rights! It’s both Fascism and Communism rolled into one.

Microsoft is trying to help the government censor our computers and our Internet, since they can’t shut it down. More importantly, they are not just doing this slowly over a period of years like they used to, they are doing it NOW and want all operating systems other than Windows 8 to NOT be shipped to people and to make it happen effective IMMEDIATELY!! Why is that?

Well, just look at the NSA scandals and everything our government is doing to try and eliminate our 1st and 4th Article Rights by controlling our lives and the coming wars with Syria and Iran, as well as the recent call by the military to engineer a way to take over the airwaves. They are trying to regulate and/or override all of our communications (see here and here) and the dumb sheeple are just sitting back and saying, “Oh well, but look at the pretty new features it has. A touch screen, my own color laptop, and it can even play with me now and tell me when to go to take a bathroom break” that they don’t even know why.

It’s like cellphone usage and cell towers that give people cancer and tumors after being too close to them over excessive amounts of time. Who cares as long as it looks good and is touchscreen and I can use Facebook like an idiot. Don’t worry that you’re being spied on, that your head is slowly developing a tumor from the radiation and the fact that cellphone studies on radiation and cancer risks have all been suppressed and paid by big corporations to NOT be revealed to the public because they know it is dangerous and will lose money and cause all sorts of issues. It’s all about profit, power and domination for them.

So looking at Fascist Microsoft’s recent attack on people’s rights and ability to choose, we can see that business ethics has been completely eradicated and the people have no voice over it because the government will just side with the corporations and not the people, thus further proving that we have become a Fascist/Communist country.

In analyzing all of this, you can say, “Well, I’ll just boycott computers or stay with the one I have”.

Well, newsflash! Computers don’t have a long life span and after a few years, it will burn out and you will be forced to buy a new one.

Then what? Install Linux?

Sorry! Microsoft and all the processor companies under Windows 8 will not allow you to completely remove Windows 8 from your system, as it is embedded into the hardware. So unless you are a computer engineer, it will be an almost impossible task of even finding a place to customize a computer without it.

So now what? Boycott?

Sorry! Microsoft and Macintosh both don’t care! They make an abundant amount of money from the government and other corporations that it simply will not matter to them. Also, by boycotting, you have just lost or given up your communications and basically handed over your 1st Article Rights to them by allowing them to censor you. Either way, they win.

So what are we going to do about it?

I challenge independent programmers and developers to create new processors that are free from the corporate bondage of Microsoft and Macintosh and to decentralize the control by making it quicker and easier for anyone to use and allowing others to freely access and expand upon those platforms. We need to end the corporate monopolies that these two companies have over the computer industry and knock them out of existence and to tell NSA to shove it up their behinds!

I’m not the only one complaining and searching for solutions about this kind of Fascist manipulation. See here.

We are Americans! We can create new technologies out of our own garage, for cryin’ out loud. If we have to do it secretly, then make it happen!

We have the most creative minds in the world and no one can manipulate us into accepting something that we don’t want. It is what makes this country the greatest nation in the world.

Stop giving into tyrannical corporations and start hitting them back by abandoning their royal rule over us and breaking free from their control.

It’s not an easy task, but we need to start somewhere. Together we can put an end to our dependence on these companies and our government and restore independence without regulations, to self-employed businesses and our way of life, as God and our founding fathers wanted it.

Death to the international corporate mafia! We the people shall prevail!


37 thoughts on “Microsoft Forcing People To Accept Windows 8 and NSA’s Prism Technology

  1. Thank God I have a fresh copy of windows 7. Got an extra copy when I bought my $400.00 laptop 2 years ago from Best Buy.

    Good work as always NC….

  2. I’m still using XP, and I’m not buying anymore Microsoft products.

    If this article is accurate, it’s disturbing to discover that you can’t just format the hard drive to dump windows and install a Linux system, but there has to be a way around their grip on the processor manufacturers too.

    It may mean building my next computer from scratch, or not having a computer at all, but I will not give another dime to that mass-murdering eugenicist and U.S. traitor known as Bill Gates.

    That Zionist scumbag worked hand-in-glove with those working to destroy our freedom and constitution, all so he could stick a few more pennies into pockets already stuffed with billions.

    All I want to hear about Bill Gates is that someone is rolling his head down the street.

  3. I’ve messed with a few laptops that have win 8 on them and you can install whatever OS you want on them if you disable secure boot it’s in the BIOS settings look for secure boot parameters or boot mode. The tablets are a little harder you need a hacked rom for the BIOS which is a little tricky to find but they are out there.

    1. I did some reading and it looks like a few distros of Linux have a built in workaround for the secure boot problem, Ubuntu, fedora, and sabayon. The newest releases can be installed on any laptop or tablet that has win 8 on it.

  4. I use ubuntu and mint but it is my understanding that every OS has been compromised. Nsa gets what they want from every one.

    1. You are right nottoobitter, NSA is spying on us all and there is no computer, firewall or anti-virus that has not been comprimised by these govt. agencies. I would like to know if there is a PC, firewall, or anti-virus that has not been compromised by the govt.agencies. 🙁

      1. Try Webroot. Norton and the other company…….Mcafee! Have sold half their company to Communist China so they can access you’re computer if they want giving information to the military in China!

        You wouldn’t believed all the things Webroot has blocked. They used to be really crappy until the last few updates which I guess is because they have wised up to what’s going on in cyber spying.

        The last update has an easy to use navigation and a spiffy look but still the same good quality.

        They are totally American with no outsourcing unlike the major companies. If Webroot starts outsourcing we will be up a creek.

  5. Remember the row about Hawking boycotting israel…well:

    “His latest computer is based on an Intel Core i7 Processor. The Core micro architecture was designed by Israel’s Intel team that previously designed the Pentium M mobile processor.”

    That should give pause to everyone. There’s no telling what more they’ve compromised.

    I’d say all computers are compromised to some degree, Be it operating system, or internal chip architecture. Whereas software spying can be found and circumvented…hardware spying is nearly impossible to circumvent especially for the consumer.

    The sheep are far too trusting.


  6. NC
    I wish I would have read this 3 days ago. My 6 yr old Gateway took a crap. I took it to Best Buy and they said the HD was fried. They gave me a discount for buying a new computer. I asked do any come without Windows 8? “No” the salesman said, I said Windows 8 is a POS nothing more then the eyes and ears of the government. He just looked at me like I was crazy. I looked at Macs and they are not bullet proof when they break they are expensive to fix. In fact it was cheaper to buy a new computer then fix my Gateway.
    So what does a person to do? We have become so dependent on technology it is just wrong! If I want to be free and American I should not have a computer, cell phone or any electronic device. So I ask myself what would be so bad about going back to the stone age? Just have to worry about keeping my power dry. Grow my own food raise free range chickens and beef. Even then there is only one place to hide, one place I can’t be tracked, the grave.
    I took the Red Pill and my eyes have been opened.

    1. You can always buy a used computer from e-bay or Craigs list. They are out there. Also, you can always go to a mom and pops computer store for help as well.

      1. That is what I did. I got my PC from a freind whos kids wanted a new/different PC. They are older but they work……..Also there is a place that you can buy parts – they will even tell you how to assamble the parts and such. The place is called Crucial . Just type in crucial and it should come right up. I haven`t done business with them but I have heard that they ae good. Good prices too, direct from the manufacture. They have anything you may want .

    2. If its is a hard drive thats easy to change. If it is the mother board most likely it is some bad capacitors. They look like small aa batteries. Only cost a few cent each. The makers use real junky ones. look for 105c temp ratings. These last longer at higher temps. Nichicon, Illinois Capacitor, panasonic, cornell dublier are the most trusted names. Sure there are a lot of good one but as a electronic repair company owner i would look into that. You can find a hacked version of xp or 7 anywhere you find a nerd with glasses. I replaced a mother board, ram and HD on mine. Was about 200 out the door.

    3. Actually that’s not even true anymore. Their is a spiritual warfare going on and this world is like a *timeout* zone to see who we go with.

      Not all of us have the ability to go off the grid like you do due to various circumstances in life getting the best of us so good luck to you! I hope you make it thru.

  7. The next step to push people onto the new OS is going to be compatability issues, there are already some websites that just cannot be accessed unless you have the new OS, personally am just preparing to disconnect, at some point it just wont be worth it.

    1. Ever heard of Google + I just got it in my browser and I cannot comment on my YT account without the Google account.

      I haven’t had it show up all summer and fall until two days ago. What a bunch of jerks trying to screw us around who don’t want social media.

      It’s like they are trying to hide something by herding people into accepting social media. This is NOT tin foil hat stuff anymore. Perhaps it never was?

  8. Thanks for all the comments, guys. I’m glad I’m not the only bitching about this. I’m still unsure as to what to do. It’s like being pinned in a corner. My computer now can survive another a month or two, but then I don’t know. I figured I had the ability to buy one now and thought I’d get one. Unfortunately, it’s been frustrating as Hell as I refuse to get Windows 8, I hate Macs and Linux is the only thing close to what I would trust and trying to get that operating system on a computer is becoming a problem now that Windows 8 is screwing everyone.

    1. Yea good article NC….. NC, check out that Crucial place that I mentioned from my above coment. They sell every thing you would need tot rebuild your PC they will walk you through everything you would need to do to rebuild your PC, they have good prices, and they are the manyfacture. Plus they are from Texas LOL. It may be worth the check NC.They have a scanner to check your PC and they will analize it for what you need to get up and running like new again or so I have be told anyway…… My PC needs major work and when I can afford it that is where I am going to buy rebuild parts instead of buying a new PC.

    2. linux mint is their new version. free and works a lot like win7. By putting “wine” on it you can use most any windows/dos program.

  9. Microsoft is not the only technology company to go to war against customers freedom and consumer rights. A few days ago Google Chrome landed on my desktop, I don’t know how it got there, I did not request it and none of the sites I had visited warned be that it was about to be installed. Now my view of Google (Don’t be evil, that’s our job) places them somewhere between syphilis and The Plague, I don’t want anything from that company on my PC, I search with BING or Duck Duck Go (a decent search tool despite its silly name), I don’t use Google Maps or Google earth, I try to avoid any Google product.
    So when Chrome started making threatening noises about my not having installed it as my default search engine I uninstalled. And in the process uninstalled a lot of browser stuff I did not want to uninstall including my ftp capability.
    OK, I have a spare computer so I’m not seriously inconvenienced but who the hell do these people think they are. And can we raise class actions against technology firms that refuse to understand the implications of “I bought it with my money and it is mine, nobody else’s” (or as a T Shirt I once had proclaimed, ” If I want mayonnaise I’ll ask for effing mayonnaise.”) We want source disks, printed manuals and an operating system that does not require daily patches to keep it running.

    If you don’t fancy switching to linux or have too much legacy stuff why not get hold of a second hand copy of XP and buy a raw system to load it on, XP having become just about fit for purpose by the time they announced phasing it out. Or get some nerd with principles to copy the windows source files from your old PC.

    1. Get chrome off asap. Mozilla firefox is the only one i use. Not saying they are wonderful and trustworthy BUT it works and to my knowledge they dont care what you do as far as recording all your key strokes.
      iv heard that bing is just like google in spying. I use startpage.

      1. no doubt. I use to like bing to but like you say it is more or less the same thing as google. Yes I use StartPage too. The only way to go I think as a search engine home page. 🙂

      2. FireFox has not been so hot in their last few updates. There has been more complaints then usual from features too many to list being either altered or screwed up. There support team has been next to nonexistent.

        I think FF is under the same pressure to give into the backdoor spying by the NSA.

        Edit. Damn security question! I wish it would go away.

      1. They don’t and despite popular claims every once in a while they have a cyber attack. It happened as recently as either last month or September where a bunch of sensitive information was stolen causing Dad to reset his password since he has his books there to keep MS from snooping around.

        The security question is annoying because I keep missing it and click to post.

  10. You know what I’m finding out is that it is much cheaper to buy a laptop with Windows 8 than it is to buy one with Windows 7 for the same system requirements.

    Gee…I wonder why that is. Maybe because 1. No one wants it or 2. Microsoft is trying to force it into everyone’s home as quickly as possible.

    1. The old saying goes NC,cheap is cheap and ya get what ya pay for and they have their own personal greed for selling 8 cheaper than 7 and believe me,NC, it is not in our best interest.

  11. I’m sticking with 7.

    As far as hacking, I’ve said all along that I don’t believe for a minute that there ANY 100% totally secure systems out there. Not even the so-called ‘government’s’.

  12. I bought in May from Toshiba a laptop downgraded to Windows 7, and when I got it made a recovery USB drive so that I do not have to “upgrade” to Windows 8 when the laptop crashes, which I am sure Microsoft will make happen when NSA tells them to. I knew Windows 8 sucked long before I read about NSA backdoors. Sorry to read about Macs doing the same thing, though.

  13. Hi. We live in the Salem Oregon area and there used to be several computer stores that have all since been shuttered so our only choice is Best Buy or Fry’s near the Pharmacy where Dad works.

    Anyways sometime in the Spring our living room computer which has had Windows XP for YEARS got a virusfrom a Windows Update and since then ran slower and slower until it died in June which is the month of hell for computers.

    Eventually to make a long story short since I get flustered easy Dad came up with a solution using a newer computer which he first installed Linux Mint then partitioned the hard drives to do a quadriple boot.

    Trying to do a boot from Microsoft always winds up being blocked but Linux installed their own drivers going around the block.

    Heck just now we bought a used computer for Mom from Blue Dragon since she does Genaology a lot which came with XP and right away as soon as we turned it on Microsoft Updates tried to screw it up which Dad has to erase it and install it fresh.

    That cheap computer is offline and will remain that way so it won’t get hacked but every once in a while MS tries to force an update that screws it up.

    He tried putting 98 in it as a partition to play old games but XP wouldn’t allow it and spent an entire day using various methods which wounded up not working.

    Windows 98 would try to start but then freeze for good which we have concluded MS is blocking the software from installing.

    If you can tell I am autistic and suck at wording things so please bear with me. I am sorry if this was too long but can’t think of anyway to shorten the already long story here.

    You’re right by the way that MS is part of the spying. They are in bed with the Globalist government getting ready to set up the Antichrist system of running the world.

    Microsoft actually has plans to GET RID of computers and go to smartphones/tablets only. They do NOT give a damn about computers anymore.

  14. Dad knew several years ago about the NSA thing because we have an older computer where if they take control it makes the mouse flip out.

    One time Dad unplugged the computer turning it off the wrong way when it happened and Microsoft’s main servers were down that entire afternoon.
    If you can catch a hacker in the act unplugging you’re computer messes up what they are doing.

  15. It looks like as usual I was too late for this article. It seems I’ve notice a lot of people who are awake to the spying technology are from The Guardian newspaper in the UK while when other news agencies post anything about the NSA often there are ZERO comments.

  16. Problem with MS is they want to eventually have everything be on phones or tablets. They have stopped caring about the PC since the mess with Vista.

    They recently fired all their PC support people and we have notice when needing support the lack of care now. MS is going to eventually outmode desktops and you’ll have NO CHOICE but to use a phone.

    If Windows 9 doesn’t change this then MS is going to be a phone company which makes it easier to spy on people because you can’t do serious research on a phone.

    Most people only care about social media instead of actually learning or researching.

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