Air Force deploys 12 Warthogs, 300 airmen to Germany

The Hill – by Kristina Wong

The Air Force deployed a dozen A-10 “Warthog” attack jets and approximately 300 airmen to Germany this week in support of military exercise Operation Atlantic Resolve (OAR), according to officials.

The jets and airmen are being sent to Spangdehlem Air Base, a spokesman said.

“The Air Force has been rotating forces as a part of OAR for the past year,” said Lt. Gen. Tom Jones in an Air Force article.    

Jones said the deployment “is another way the Air Force is increasing rotational presence in Europe to reassure our allies and partner nations that our commitment to European security is a priority.”

The A-10s and airmen are from the 355th Fighter Wing based at the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona, and are set to be in place by the end of the month, according to the article.

The jets will train with NATO allies to enhance interoperability between their militaries, and will be the first of several such deployments to Europe. The deployment is slated to last about six months.

The A-10 unit will later forward deploy to locations in Eastern European NATO nations, said the article.

“The U.S. Air Force’s forward presence in Europe area provides the support infrastructure needed to increase our current force and build new and deeper partnerships across the continent,” said Jones.

Operation Atlantic Resolve is “a demonstration” of U.S. European Command and United States Air Forces in Europe’s continued commitment to the collective security of NATO and dedication to the enduring peace and stability in the region, the article said

6 thoughts on “Air Force deploys 12 Warthogs, 300 airmen to Germany

  1. The A-10.

    Yes, the same that the Ø admin said, last I heard, was no longer needed as an excuse to eliminate the incredible plane [that has no peer nor replacement as far as I am aware].

  2. Most likely they are being filtered into the forward areas where they intend to provoke Russia into a counter attack. So far Russia while trying to get along with its hostile neighbors is expected to stand there and take shelling from across its borders killing and injuring its people and do nothing. So far that is exactly what has happened except for sending long columns of trucks filled with food and medicine for a humanitarian crisis on their doorstep.

    If there is a “RED STORM RISING” it is in slow motion in reverse. Its the communist WEST that is going after a christian White European nation.

  3. I was stationed at Spangdahlem from 78 to 80. As most everyone knows A-10’s are ground support aircraft. (Tank killers). Spang also had, possibly still has the SAM killers (Wild Weasels), in my time, was the F-4G’s. Now they are F-16’s. This combination of Ground support and SAM killers says alot about what is about to occur. I agree WW3 is about to begin to cover up the failing economy and the greedy “OY” Int’l bankers foreclosure on the U.S.

  4. We don’t see the hog very much here, but the last few days I’ve seen nine or ten. Must be going up range for practice before deploying.

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