McDonald’s Sales Rapidly Decline As Americans Reject Fake Food

mcdonalds-stock-declineNatural Society – by Anthony Gucciardi

The impossible is happening: McDonald’s is quickly diving out of its stable stock position and into a world of financial hurt as citizens of the United States and elsewhere have decided they are completely done with the company’s frankenfoods.

The decision has hit McDonald’s so hard that its own CEO has even stepped down following the news of continued decline in the company’s most recent briefing. The world’s largest restaurant chain is frantically replacing its foundation in an attempt to recover, from removing its CFO and CEO to launching a new ‘trendy’ advertising campaign that premiered at the Super Bowl.  

All the new financial and marketing moves in the world, though, cannot change the fact that many people simply will never eat at McDonald’s again thanks to their GMO-laden fast food ingredients — which have been extensively documented by both health organizations and mainstream media alike. With many items containing over 19 different ingredients that are virtually impossible to pronounce and are also used in the production of silly putty and yoga mats, it’s no wonder consumers are saying ‘no thanks’ to Ronald McDonald.

Here’s just a few of the ingredients you can find in many fast food meals:

  • Dimethylpolysiloxane – A chemical known for its use in silicone breast implants, silly putty, and also… chicken nuggets
  • Propylene glycol – A laxative chemical and electronic cigarette filler that even e-cigarette companies are beginning to phase out
  • Azodicarbonamide – A chemical used in the creation of foamed plastic items like yoga mats

Sounds appetizing, doesn’t it?

And let’s be clear, it would be one thing if McDonald’s offered a variety of items that didn’t contain these problematic substances. And it would be one thing if they, following the outspoken warnings of experts and health groups around the globe, actually removed them and sourced non-GMO alternatives for their food products and added real food instead. Or spoke out and made sure not to financially support the factory chicken farms that whistleblowers have revealed revolve around not allowing the chickens to ever breathe fresh air and forcing them to sit upon generations of feces and blood.

So is it any wonder that McDonald’s is facing some serious trouble? Will removing the frankenfoods from their menu be their only option? According to Business Insider, ‘McDonald’s Is Losing America’:

“On Monday, McDonald’s reported global same-store sales that declined 2.2% month on month. This missed analysts’ expectations for a 1.7% decline. In the US, the story was even worse for the fast-food giant as same-store sales fell 4.6%.

The disappointing numbers from McDonald’s come as the chain faces increasing competition from restaurants like Chipotle. Last week we noted that even the Federal Reserve’s fieldwork on the US economy showed the consumer shift toward outlets like Chipotle and away from chains like McDonald’s.”

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17 thoughts on “McDonald’s Sales Rapidly Decline As Americans Reject Fake Food

  1. It is not just that. But attitude has changed. Money is a little tighter as well. Then the food scares. Today fewer wish to stop at a MC. Donalds and set inside the airconditioned cafe. Eating those high class imported beef burgers looking out at the less fortunate. And them looking in to see you enjoying such fine fare as a imported beef burger. In airconditioning. When you can walk around the corner, walk by 10 cafes take a sniff and raise a pot lid to see what they have. Order set down in peace. enjoy a good local meal. For 1/2 the cost or less with out airconditioning. So here the local cafe is doing better. You can talk to people you see in your area. make freinds. Save money. And not be snobs. That is ok if you want to impress company or such to go to MC. Donalds. But not just to have a good meal. That they do not have. The local cafes have that at much less and bigger servings.

      1. Hey brother Paul, it’s the truth. McDonald’s has poisoned millions for years with their garbage. I’m pleased to see people awakening to the health hazards of eating breaded chicken assholes and “two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, tomato, all on a piece of dirt bun”. You better have a toilet close by if your stupid enough to eat that garbage.

  2. See what you get when you tilt the ‘golden arches’ (WITH the lettering commonly found underneath) on end.

    1. Plus, what a way to dispose of hazardous materials! It’s the same with fluoride. It takes a special permit to dispose of that hazardous material so “let’s just feed it to the sheeples to “dumb them down a titch”.

  3. Chipotle is no better. Them bastards, along with Olive Garden, hire illegal immigrants like their going out of style, so you can bet their food is laced with something already. F**k ’em!!

  4. For economy’s sake, several years ago I stopped eating out at any restaurant — fast food or neighborhood joint (years ago I stopped eating out “fancy” for similar reasons).

    This was before I got terribly health conscious. But the first thing I noticed, once I was only eating my own home cooking, was how I never had intestinal/stomach problems any more. And then my skin started looking better.

    From time to time, I have gone back to a local eatery, and half the times I do, I end up sick afterwards. Hate to say this, but home cooking (as much work as it is — and it is!) is the way to go. I have never given myself food poisoning. 😉

  5. Of all the fast food chains, McDonald’s is by far the worst. They STINK. I stopped eating there long ago, when the “quarter pounder” turned into a sliver on 1/4 of the bun. A QUARTER OF A QUARTER POUNDER. And ALL fast food is outrageously priced: around $7/8 just for a regular lunch. I could by a gigantic hoagie at Malacari’s deli around here for $2.50. I could go to a buffet for $7/8.

    1. ROFLMAO! George W. Bush is referred to as a “good goyum”! It’s priceless. This rabbi pretty much states the Jewish mindset towards the rest of Humanity. He even states, “We are ‘The Chosen Ones’.” Talk about self worship, what a dirt bag!

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