Alex Jones Admits CIA Family Connections

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Alex the Judas Goat Jones has now fully admitted that half his family are retired CIA! It was long suspected that Alex was working for Stratfor, a Texas CIA front company, then MollyGate broke that his editor-in-chief at Infowars indeed worked for the CIA and Stratfor.

Now in an interview with Opie and Anthony Alex openly admits that about 50% of his family works for the CIA!  Alex himself has said “once you are CIA you are always CIA,” so for him to admit on air “whenever I go to a family reunion, half the people in the room are former retired CIA” is literally saying “half my family is CIA.”

If half of AJ’s family works for the CIA and so does his editor-in-chief, what does that say for his credibility and integrity?

How can you rail on about CIA atrocities, false-flags, assassinations, secret wars, name them as part of the shadow government that you’re against, convince people to donate millions of dollars to your “Infowar Moneybomb” a.k.a. yearly personal salary bonus, and all the while secretly employ CIA staff members and have a family full of them? One of the CIA’s main MO’s: Controlled Opposition.

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  1. Controlled opposition, the US is a past master of such and the damage is done hence why its beginning to fray at the edges and we learn more and more.

    But you only have to look at the Watson brothers to get suspicious, they came from nowhere, no history, two young British people expert and with huge connections but without the age, experience or the wherewithal to have generated such and this suggests MI6 involvement to allow a controlled leaking of material that would leave the US intelligentsia community with clean hands whilst still making it look legitimate. The younger generation of those of diverse thinking would align most specifically with these two identifying with them with AJ being the person for the older generation to align with.

    When you look at in hindsight, examine how Mannings is being torn a new one for what compared to AJ’s stuff is fairly tame and timid and AJ is allowed to carry on without anything than a token effort to denounce him? Doesn’t that make you go “Hmmm”?

  2. i’ve never been able to listen to his horrid voice , always sounds like he is lying!

    SO , now we know the truth , he is a govt. shill , pretending to be a REAL person .

  3. Yeah, and, so what? Actually, by Alex admitting he has family in the CIA, it gives him a form of street cred and understanding of what’s going on. The fact that he admits it says he is not trying to hide that fact. Alex has done more to expose the machinations of the empire than anyone out there today. If you think he is a psy ops guy, I am pretty sure you are wrong. If you want psy ops, all you have to do is go to mainstream news.

    1. Hey Sugar,

      Do me a favor and visit the first link, showing proof that Alex Jones beyond a doubt controlled opposition, a fraud and a traitor and I live in Austin, TX. Then watch the two youtube videos below.

      If that doesn’t open your damn eyes, then I don’t know what will.

      1. Seagrams? As in distillery?
        Good thing I don’t buy liquor!

        I rarely drink, but when I do,
        but when I do, I only drink

      2. Jones is STILL lying about 911- claiming he ‘predicted’ it- while stealing it from bill Cooper- Bill,a REAL patriot who got the treatment the real pats, like Matt Simmons and Gary Webb get- death. Not million dollar kickbacks and massive backing & exposure.

        Jones is a massive distraction. When someone calls his show with genuine insider info- not just “expert analysis”- he hurries them off the phone.

        he has been the single biggest deterrent to ACTION against NWO, due to his antics. most we can hope for out of this agent, is a Obama whiteface racist poster contest

  4. What a load of rubbish! This article clearly twists facts in a weak attempt to discredit Alex Jones. There is no proof whatsoever in the article, or anywhere else for that matter, that Alex is a CIA operative.
    If he has family members who are ex CIA that does not mean that he is. Also it would make him more likely to have access to inside information.

    Sheeple this is obviously propaganda intended to Discredit Alex. Don’t believe everything you read.


      I just KNEW this article would flush out some IDIOT AJ supporters/shills, and here we have TWO in the first four comments!

      Days like this make it all worthwhile! 🙂

      1. Yea #1, I noticed that also, but I am keepin` my mouth shut :). Here Is one that I have been wondering about #1, seeing as to how alex jones married a jew, does that make him a goyim after marrage now or what does that make him? again I was just wondering about that and if they had kids would his kids by her be considered jew or goyim? Ya know what the jews say about the non-jews.

        1. Digger, AJ has to convert, without that he is little more than a Shabbos Goy. His children on the other hand are Jewish because of their mother. Jews follow the maternal bloodline. After all, everyone knows who their mother is, many don’t know who their father is.
          Hmmm, what does that say about jewish morals?

          1. With Tel Aviv being built up as the new “center” for gay vacations, is there any need to question if the Jews who say they are, but are not have any morals? Could that be one of those “oxymorons?”

    2. Hey John, Did you know that AJ broadcasts his show from KLBJ radio in Austin TX. Did you know that emmis communications owns KLBJ. Did you know that, like most media in this country or 96% of it, emmis communications is run by zion ists?

      I know about KLBJ AM & FM. I once wholesaled spots for them. I know about emmis.

      Maybe that is no good enough evidence to suggest AJ is a disinfo controlled op shill. Just in case, can you please answer this for me:

      Why has AJ NEVER once fingered the CONFIRMED perps of 911/JFK/Sandy Hoax/Boston, and lots of other FF ops as being committed by mossad/zion ists et al, etc?

      I mean, there IS a mountain of incontrovertible proof that mossad and israel, along with their loyal 1,000’s of goyim traitors here in the US, all DID do those ops, and much much more. Yet, I have never seen AJ mention THEM as the perps. Why not?

  5. Now that the ‘cat is out of the bag’ so to speak, who in their right mind would even go to Infowars or Prison Planet for any reason? I was told many years ago by a fellow Austin resident who had breakfast on occasion with AJ and that he was a whackjob and not to be believed or trusted. Seems like the time has come for AJs disinfo gravytrain to derail.

  6. The fact that Matt Drudge and Alex Jones support each other is damning. I always head to the Drudge Report to see what the Zionists want to push. What do they have in common? Lead the skeptical herd down the Islamophobic street instead of the Zionist media controller avenue (where the real bad guys are). Glenn Beck is one of these controlled opposition guys also. Its those Saudis!!! Presently I like Christopher Greene (cgreene34) and Topher Morrison from AMTV on youtube-until their behavior shows them to be corralled into the controlled opposition camp.

  7. i tend to focus more on the information presented and less on the person. i gain information from this site, his site, cnn, fox, etc..i know its difficult for people to see the whole picture and it doesn’t help when i can’t even explain it. discernment, knowledge, and experience is the best i can do.

    1. And that’s the way to go, Mel. Do the research for yourself rather than the person presenting. Use your own judgement and not someone else’s. That’s the best way.

  8. So your assertion is that anyone associated with the CIA is bad?
    As I see it, most of the people in all of our agencies generally have good intentions. The problem is with a few in the upper ranks who compartmentalize the lower ranks and practice deception. Many former agents have denounced the CIA’s activities after realizing what it was they helped to achieve.

    We all have our faults, and in a free society we must respect each others faults, not ridicule them. It should also be noted that Alex is probably responsible for waking up more Americans than anyone else on the internet. And I see nothing wrong with that.

    1. Now that is really kind of delusional. I do not believe any rational American is naïve enough to believe that what the CIA does is honorable and just. Its purpose is espionage, you don’t join and then defend your actions by claiming ignorance of the CIA’s purpose.
      Mark, your “honorable” whistleblowers in this instance are pissed off spooks spilling the beans for thirty pieces of silver. They claim they didn’t know what was going on to establish a cover for the evil they have done.

        1. Hope you won’t take it personal if once the SHTF, we hang EVERYONE who works for ANY of the so-called ‘government’ alphabet agencies.

          1. Thats right #1. Those that have/do worked for the govt. knew who they signed up to work for when they signed that job application.

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