Pelosi: ‘Unleash’ Women With ‘Affordable Quality Childcare for All’

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) AP PhotoCNS News – by Eric Scheiner

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told a gathering in Cleveland earlier this month that America needs “unleash” women by providing “affordable” childcare for all American children–a proposal she said President Nixon had wrongfully rejected four decades ago.

“I need your help on this because we talked about Social Security, a pillar of economic stability for America’s families,” Pelosi said at the City Club of Cleveland on April 15. “Medicare and Medicaid another pillar of health security. Affordable Care Act–another pillar, we put it in that league as making a difference. “  

“What we have to do,” said Pelosi, “and not necessarily as, shall we say, as transformative as Social Security and Medicare and the Affordable Care Act for everybody, but I think very important to our country, is to have affordable quality childcare for all of America’s children. If we are going to unleash all that women have to offer we have to really get to this point.”

The House Minority Leader blamed the Conservative Movement for the failure of government-supported childcare during the Nixon administration. “It passed the Congress, it was on President Nixon’s desk,” she said. “People thought he was going to sign it.”

“Then the Conservative Movement–well, really, more than Conservative Movement came in and said that would undermine families or something,” said Pelosi. “Well, you can just imagine what they said.

“So he vetoed the bill,” said Pelosi. “Now that was a long time ago, forty years ago, it’s long overdue that we would have this. Now, the president comes close in his budget when he says ‘preschool for all’ because we have a situation of children learning, parents earning.”

5 thoughts on “Pelosi: ‘Unleash’ Women With ‘Affordable Quality Childcare for All’

  1. Just another way to take more of the wage earner’s income. Another program the govt has absolutely no business being involved in and/or running. I certainly have no interest in paying for the child care for the illegal immigrants and welfare moms, which I know where this money would go.

    1. Great idea Nan. Who’s gonna pay for it? You? This is from “we’ll have to pass it and read and see what’s in it later(Obamacare)”

  2. “affordable childcare for all American children” sounds a lot like the affordable healthcare we’re supposed to be getting through Obamacare.

    It’s just another step in the total takeover by the communists. My guess is she wants all the kids to be more thoroughly brainwashed while Mom serves in the military.

    I’d enjoy seeing this miserable harpy chained to the rack until her spine is about eight inches longer than its present freakish dimension.

    Peeonmyleg should be hung from her ankles until dead!

  4. anne

    i, me, i, me, i, me

    illegals, women, illegals, women

    thank god i won’t be in your camp, nor you in mine

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