Aloha Illegals!

Fox News – by Todd Starnes

The federal government is shipping “unaccompanied minors” to the Paradise of the Pacific.

Immigration attorneys in Hawaii tell me at least eight illegals have been dropped off in their state – and they’ve been told to expect more.  

“We have lots of attorneys happy to take these cases pro bono if needed,” said Clare Hanusz, chairperson of Hawaii’s chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. “If they cannot afford representation, we will definitely find someone to take the case.”

The boys and girls arrived by jetliner — and were quickly taken away by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. We don’t know if the kids were flown first class or coach. ICE won’t comment.

Hawaii News Now was the first to report the story.

We also don’t know if the children were given leis – or one of those delicious fruity drinks served in carved-out coconut shells. ICE won’t comment.

Hanusz told me she was not surprised to learn that illegal immigrant children were being sent to the islands.

“It’s our understanding that they were released to family members,” she said. “We have a small Central American population here.”

Since news of their arrival was broadcast, Hanusz said she’s been overwhelmed with people wanting to help from churches to residents offering to adopt children.

“That’s really been gratifying,” she told me. “These are kids that have needs that all kids have. The response has really shown there is a lot of aloha and concern for these kids.”

How about that – an all expense paid trip to Honolulu!

The Obama Administration should just pull out all the stops. Throw a big luau for the kids. Roast a pig! Play some Don Ho classics! Get some dancing girls – with the grass skirts! Hula, Hula.

They can just charge it to the taxpayer’s bill. As they say on the Big Island — Mahalo, America.


2 thoughts on “Aloha Illegals!

  1. It has been said that people who house these “kids” would get up to $7400 a month to take care of them, I volunteer, to purchase airline tickets for these “kids” to go back to their countries.

  2. You know, I was telling this story to my wife (who came here LEGALLY). I sarcastically told her, when her parents come to visit from China, don’t bother to have them get a Visa. Just tell them to fly to Mexico, cross the border, stay a night or two at the Border Patrol office and then tell them to tell Border Patrol that they want to live in Hawaii. Then when my wife goes on a business trip to Hawaii next year, she can meet up with them while I, being the American born White boy with no job, no rights and practically penniless, can just stay in my apartment prison cell while the country is being taken over.

    She just looked at me, rolled her eyes and shook her head in disbelief and then said, “This country is stupid”.

    I then told her, “Honey, I’m going to go to cross the border into China illegally, tell them that I want to stay in Sanya (which is considered the Hawaii of China) and have the Chinese government pay $7000 a month for me to live there along with a $1000 bed and $250 a day. What do you say?”

    She just looked at me, broke out laughing, shook her head and gave me a childish pat on the shoulder and sarcastically said, “Yea….good luck.”.

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