Stoner: I surrendered Brooklyn Bridge

Stoner: I surrendered Brooklyn BridgeMake sure and watch the interview vid. with Joan Rivers, too funny.

New York Post – by Natalie O’Neill

A wacky pro-pot activist claims he burned New York’s Finest by planting the notorious white flags on the Brooklyn Bridge — and he swears he’s not just hitting the bong too hard!

Rev. Bud Green, 49, said a group of anarchists “who do stuff like this for the thrill of it” emailed him after he posted about a pro-weed blog on the Fourth of July, asking what they could do to help his “cause.”  

The California-based weed booster said he hatched the plan, but “three or four” other guys, who have backgrounds in climbing, carried out the act.

“I came up with the idea. We’re trying to shake people up. Nobody else has the balls to do this,” said Green, who is a member of the so-called POT Party, which stands for People Opposing Tyranny.

Green said he and his accomplices spoke briefly on the phone to hash out some of the details of the stunt. They decided on the Brooklyn Bridge instead of the Empire State building because security at the skyscraper was too tight, he claims.

He waited more than a week to reveal himself because the group at first planned to climb the bridge a second time and replace the white flags with ones featuring a hemp leaf, Green claims.

“We wanted to put together a big media thing … We were hoping it would fade out after a couple days. But it really shocked people,” said Green, who said his real name is Norm Lebau.

On July 22, intruders slipped past the NYPD’s anti-terror nexus to plant bleached-white flags high atop the bridge’s 276-foot towers last week.

White flags on Brooklyn Bridge

Paul Martinka

Several other people and groups have since claimed responsibility on social media — but have proved to be false leads, police sources have said.

Green claims he’s the real deal but could offer no proof. He didn’t know the names of the men who planted the flag, he said.

“It’s a political statement … Like, wiping your ass with the American flag,” he said.

On Wednesday, the activist first claimed responsibility on his blog,


4 thoughts on “Stoner: I surrendered Brooklyn Bridge

  1. This is too bad. I thought for sure it was a comment on our opening of the borders.

    I wonder how many fell off into the water while doing it?

  2. I dont think so

    mis- direction

    he said he didn’t do it.. that’s right he didn’t do it, and neither did anyone he told to, and he didn’t think it up either

    now he may know who did and why.. but his story of why isnt really the truth either .. he might be doing this to pull the heat down off those who did
    just the way I see it

    claiming something he never had any thing to do with ..common with people who need psychological help

  3. When he lights the joint up and says his prayer, I cracked up.
    The Rev. Bud Green is a character indeed. Gotta love the name.

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