Arizona Lawmaker Proposes Law Banning Full Auto Weapon Use by Minors

uziiiGuns Save Lives – by Dan Cannon

Arizona Democrat Victoria Steele has proposed legislation which would essentially make it a crime for a minor to handle a fully automatic firearm in the state, even if that firearm is completely otherwise legal.

The move follows the accidental shooting death of a firearms instructor at a shooting range. A 9 year old girl who was shooting a fully automatic Uzi shot and killed her instructor when she lost control of the firearm.  

According to the Phoenix New Times,

“I cannot believe we need a law like this, but we do,” Democratic Representative Victoria Steele tells New Times.

Steele says she plans on proposing a ban on transferring a machine gun to anyone under the age of 16, including at a gun range.

“I’m disgusted that we even need such a law — that parents can’t be trusted to not give a machine gun to a 9-year-old girl,” Steele says.

Steele was inspired by legislation introduced in Connecticut following the accidental death of an 8 year old boy who was also shooting a fully automatic Uzi in 2008 (see video below).

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