BART police shoot dog in SF

SF Examiner

A BART police officer shot and wounded a dog Friday in front of Civic Center BART station on Market Street around 1:10 p.m, according to BART.

The dog was wounded and taken for veterinary treatment. The severity of its injuries was not immediately clear. 

BART police are conducting a use of force investigation and reviewing video of the incident, said BART spokesperson Anna Duckworth.

Duckworth described the dog, which was not on a leash, as a pit bull-type dog and said it “aggressively lunged toward” the officer.

Mira Ingram, who was nearby when the shooting happened, told the San Francisco Examiner she heard the gun shot. When she turned to look at what happened, the police officer was apparently standing about five to seven feet away from the dog.

Ingram could not verify if the dog was on a leash or unleashed.

Ingram said the owner of the dog looked “traumatized” and “shocked.” After the dog was shot, the owner held the dog in his hands for several minutes, Ingram said.

On social media, some witnesses have said the dog was on a leash. A video on Facebook shows a man scooping up the dog into his arms, with a leash visibly dangling from the dog’s collar. It is unclear, however, if anyone was holding that leash when the incident occurred.

This is the second time police have shot a dog on Market Street in recent weeks. San Francisco police shot a dog at Cyril Magnin and Market on July 31 after the dog allegedly “advanced” on an officer. The dog was put down after the shooting.

3 thoughts on “BART police shoot dog in SF

  1. “San Francisco police shot a dog at Cyril Magnin and Market on July 31 after the dog allegedly “advanced” on an officer. The dog was put down after the shooting.”

    Bad call.

    The pig is the one that should have been put down.

  2. correct me if I’m wrong… BART = Bay Area Rapid Transit… a fukin city bus driver has a gun, is armed. even though I’ve never shot an ”authority figure”, it blows my mind that 300 million people in this country haven’t either! there should be AT LEAST one in a dumpster somewhere AT LEAST every week. of all the thousands of accidental discharges of a weapon every day, NOT ONE is on purpose??? like that ICE building shooting. i promise, (if it’s real) if they catch him, he’ll be treated as though he killed someone, so why take the chance? if you go, go big! just a side note on that building. 1) they made sure to tell you innocent people coulda been killed because other businesses were in it. 2) they intentionally set up in buildings with innocent people in it!!! it’s a win-win for them. dirty shitass tactics. but completely different from them damn dirty mooslims and their ”human shields”!! coksukers.

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