Becoming a Naturalized Citizen

I just thought everyone might like to notice this from page 4 of the official document of the USCIS book on becoming a Naturalized Citizen. It’s one of the requirements that the immigration department gives the people to study and learn in order to be tested by an immigration officer so they can become a Naturalized Citizen. Candidates must be able to answer 7-10 random questions from this book out of 100 in order to pass the interview/testing process and to move forward with the application process. 

Apparently our “rule of law” is a “Constitutional Democracy” and not a “Constitutional Republic”.

Gee…. I’m looking at the Constitution and there’s nothing in there that says we’re a “Constitutional Democracy”.


The Founding Fathers must be rolling over in their graves at this treason.

Funny thing is that I have friends in the military who say that most soldiers with green cards or who have permanent residency who join the army and want to become a U.S. Citizen can’t even answer 2 or 3 easy questions out of 100 because they don’t have time to study nor any real ability to speak the English language. When they go in, the officer asks them a few questions and if they don’t answer correctly, the officer just says something along the lines of “What colors are on the US flag” and if they answer that correctly (as they should since the flag is most likely in that same room with them), then the officer will just stamp the documents and say, “Congratulations. You’re a U.S. Citizen”.

With testing like this, it’s no wonder we have people who come to our country and don’t know anything about it.



3 thoughts on “Becoming a Naturalized Citizen

  1. By the way, at a Naturalization Oath ceremony, the thing that the judge and immigration officers constantly reiterated to the new Naturalized Citizens is that now they can sign up to VOTE!

    “This year is the midterm elections and even though it’s not the presidential election, PLEASE VOTE! VOTE! You’re VOTE matters!”

    It’s almost as though they need new sheeple to participate in the fraud because no REAL American is participating in it anymore.

    Almost like a business that says, “Welcome to the Club! Now you must pay your dues as a corporate citizen.”


  2. It was a hell of a lot harder thirty three years ago when my wife took hers. She became eligible to apply only after we had been married for five years. After having to get a physical exam, a chest x-ray, and blood work checking for TB, etc, then came photos, fingerprints, and an interview with a bunch of what I considered invasive questions, to both of us. The next step were background checks that took the Feds a couple of three months to finish. And yes, they actually checked up on me too.

    After being notified that the background checks were complete, the the English proficiency tests, (YES, tests!) were scheduled. They covered reading, writing, and spoken.

    After a few more weeks, the final test. It was a hell of a lot more than seven to ten questions, and it took several hours to complete. It covered the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, how the Govt is laid out, and American history, In all probability, the average moron walking the streets today wouldn’t pass it.

    The Govt use to actually give a damn about who they were allowing into the country, Not any more!


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