Belated FEMA: Rescuing People Through Fear

It seems like every time there is a natural disaster happening in the U.S., coverage was blacked out and FEMA shows up a week late and a few water bottles short of a happy meal. Supply lines get cut off, people’s homes get invaded, guns confiscated, and no MSM coverage is available anywhere until weeks later.

This time it is happening in Colorado, where floods have swamped neighborhoods and disrupted their way of life and to make matters worse, there’s even cases of fracking involved and that toxic chemicals have been released during the crisis. (See here, here,  and here) In addition, people have even sent in pictures and video footage to the MSM, who have all but been mute on the subject, as if they have stand down orders from the government itself until FEMA arrives.  

Some say insurance companies are to blame, while others think that they don’t want people to find out about the possible fracking or the toxic chemicals that may have contaminated the area. Furthermore, people like me believe it is also just another excuse for FEMA to come in under the radar, take control and destroy people’s lives.

Whatever the reason, it is becoming increasingly clear that our government is using FEMA and natural disasters to weaken us, and while they are at it, possibly disarm us. We have seen this numerous times now, that if anyone even thinks that FEMA is here to save the day, they are woefully misinformed.

Remember Hurricane Katrina when they couldn’t even send in water because some people in the unit didn’t read the “sexual harassment” manual? Also who can forget the forest fire in Bastrop County, TX, where no one could use their own water to spray their own houses to prevent the fire from engulfing it in flames, as well as telling the fire departments to stand down? Finally, who can forget Hurricane Sandy and how people were running to the FEMA facilities for food supplies and aid, only to find a ridiculous sign posted saying, “FEMA Center is closed due to weather”. (See here)

<p>Sign on the office of the Tottenville FEMA center in Staten Island.</p>

I mean come on people! These are your saviors? These are the people who you want to believe will put your lives first more than anything? Don’t be ridiculous. I think it’s pretty clear. FEMA is just another unnecessary, unconstitutional, over-bloated, DHS, Big Brother police state excuse to put towns on lockdown, arrest anyone who refuses to play by their rules, suppresses the people, confiscates their guns and makes We the people even more helpless than when we were before.

Think you can just stay in your homes and be safe there with the door locked? Think again! We the people have already witnessed cases where the police and FEMA have broken people’s doors down, even when the people inside told the police that all was safe and to go away. (See here, here, and here) The police and FEMA won’t take no for answer until they see for themselves. They pretend to give you the choice by being nice about it at first, but if you say no, that’s their brain-washed, police state, mental illness way of someone saying they have something to hide and then their “guilty until proven innocent” indoctrination program kicks in and the aggressive brutality game is initiated.

Think you can just say, “I’ll just shout the 4th Article Right”? Think again!

These Stasi thugs will do what they want anyways and your 4th Article Right don’t mean diddly-squat to them. Some of them may even be Russian, so what do they know or even care about your rights? The government knows this and they know that if there is only one of you, they can easily eliminate the threat, all under the guise of National Security or the infamous excuse that “Well, the FEMA agent felt his life was being threatened”. Just like cops who feel threatened by a dog or by someone running up to them for help or in this case, they will feel threatened by the fact that you aren’t asking them for help, or more to the point, giving them control over you.

Do you see what it has come down to? The only law is their law and their rule of force and so therefore your Bill of Rights no longer applies.

Take a look at Fukushima and imagine if just one of those plants happens to meltdown here in the U.S. Do you honestly want these bandits to show up late afterwards or even take control of your town?

As the wars in the Middle East continue and our country’s economy is becoming bankrupt, expect more of our infrastructure to fall apart. From sinkholes to forest fires and from floods to oil spills, these incidents will happen more and more as time goes on and FEMA and DHS will be anxiously standing by (a week late even) in order to create havoc in the aftermath and to not rescue the people in the town, but to make it worse.

Instead of fully accepting FEMA’s help, we should be setting up community roadblocks outside the town and force them to leave and tell them to take their government orders and documentation and stick it where the sun don’t shine. We the people and our local town government should be escorting the maintenance trucks through, along with the required supplies to the neighborhoods, while telling the armed military at the roadblocks that we’ll take it from here and that they need to turn around and go home.

Not the other way around!

If they don’t like it, then get your community together and exercise your 2nd Article Right and tell them it’s a state and local issue and if they still refuse to leave, show them you mean business.

The only power these treasonous, bureaucratic fools in FEMA have are the ones you allow them to have. We are many and they are few.

So what are you going to do? Fight or stand down?


2 thoughts on “Belated FEMA: Rescuing People Through Fear

  1. I agree NC

    A complete waste of resources that accomplishes nothing in the long run. Most of these storms are generated by the weather modification BS and then they send in FEMA for the end game.

    Good article

  2. Yes, good article NC however it is not only FEMA that we – some people have – have given so called power to but it is the POS govt. that created these agencies and that it is all of our duty to take down the govt. and get down to the business that is the real cause of these phoney agencies. Why should we people keep supporting thee govt. agencies when they have apparently turned against the american society……….. Yea, I read something yesterday that FEMA wants the volunteers to leave and go back home. Yes this is like localized population control comeing to a town near you 🙁 . Yes when the dead bodies start piling up they will just leave it to the buzzards to clean up the corpses and the corpses will just be declaired a missing..

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