13 thoughts on “Belief

  1. IF this is true it’s going to change a lot of things we do in the very near future. The space program will certainly change. I see it but would rather be there to believe it.

  2. Check this out. I just went to google after watching this. I was gonna try to find out if it is real. I typed in this exactly:
    “is the”
    It finished by sentence with hoverboard real. I didn’t even start typing the word hover. Tell me they aren’t watching everything that we do.
    By the way, I found several articles that claim it is a hoax.

  3. it’s not real. just google ‘huvr’ and you’ll encounter a lot of facts debunking the video

  4. Oh yea Bulldog and it`s not real, if this was real could ya see how the terrorist and the military would make use if this.
    Not to mention how this could be used to help the handicapped.
    Yes, I figured that this is a joke right from the start

  5. It’s about as real as Barry Soetoro’s birth certificate. If they ever do invent a hover board, I want to see it try to lift NJ’s super-sized governor.

  6. Star Trek inspired folks to bring concepts to life.
    Now Back to the Future has also.
    Too cool to believe…..but here it is.
    Whoever pulled this off ….
    Great Job !

  7. there was a recent article about a company or companies doing his very thing. is it real or is it fake type marketing

    although, i’m sure google, youtube, and facebook have other uses for it to confuse the masses.

  8. No doctorate in physics here but that video can not be believed based on Newtonian laws. just the way people lean out over the edge of the board and dont swing like a pendulum head first into the ground is a big red flag.

    Also. they invent a hover/anti gravity devise and let a pop star an athlete and a skate boarder try it out first? NOPE. this would be a skunk works thing and the military would be using the shit out of it. Sorry civilians its too dangerous for your slave asses to have.

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