Information Clearinghouse – by Chris Menahan, April 5, 2017

CNN is calling it a “7-year-old Syrian girl’s heartbreaking plea” to stop the war in Syria, in reality it’s a fake news hoax to get the Trump administration to overthrow Assad and turn on Russia.

The top story on CNN’s front page today is a disgusting Iraq-has-WMDs-style fake news story to con America into another war.    Continue reading “CNN Has Child Read Off A Script To Push For War In Syria To Oust Assad”

Time – by Katy Steinmetz

After heated debate, the California Senate passed a so-called “sanctuary state” bill on Monday. While many Republicans argued that the bill would lead to dangerous criminals being let loose on the streets — warning that the measure would draw the ire of President Donald Trump — Democrats said that California had to take a stand in defense of “hardworking” immigrants that have become part of the country’s cultural and economic backbones.   Continue reading “California Senate Passes ‘Sanctuary State’ Bill”

The Weather Network – by Scott Sutherland

Thursday, March 23, 2017, 6:22 PM – Asperitus?! Flammagenitus?! Fluctus?! No, those aren’t new spells from the world of Harry Potter. They’re three of the dozen new cloud types added to the WMO Cloud Atlas, in its first update in over 30 years!

Cloud Atlas may be best known as a big-budget 2012 movie, staring Tom Hanks, but the International Cloud Atlas is a guide that every meteorologist in the world can turn to when looking at the clouds we see in the sky. Established in 1939 by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and last updated in 1986, this invaluable resource has now been moved into the digital realm, so that it is available to us all, and it adds a dozen new cloud types – both naturally-occurring and human-caused – to its lexicon of weather terms.   Continue reading “Cloud Atlas leaps into 21st century with 12 new cloud types”

Yahoo News

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A jury delivered an extraordinary blow to the government Thursday in a long-running battle over the use of public lands when it acquitted all seven defendants involved in the armed occupation of a national wildlife refuge in rural southeastern Oregon.

Tumult erupted in the courtroom after the verdicts were read when an attorney for group leader Ammon Bundy demanded his client be immediately released, repeatedly yelling at the judge. U.S. marshals tackled attorney Marcus Mumford to the ground, used a stun gun on him several times and arrested him.   Continue reading “Jury acquits leaders of Oregon standoff of federal charges”

Yahoo News

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration will keep marijuana on the list of the most dangerous drugs, despite growing popular support for legalization, but will allow more research into its possible medical benefits, the Drug Enforcement Administration announced Thursday.

The DEA said the agency opted not to reclassify marijuana after a lengthy review and consultation with the Health and Human Services Department, which said marijuana “has a high potential for abuse” and “no accepted medical use.”   Continue reading “US government won’t reclassify marijuana, allows research”

Yahoo News

WASHINGTON (AP) — Russia will ask permission on Monday to start flying surveillance planes equipped with high-powered digital cameras amid warnings from U.S. intelligence and military officials that such overflights help Moscow collect intelligence on the United States.

Russia and the United States are signatories to the Open Skies Treaty, which allows unarmed observation flights over the entire territory of all 34 member nations to foster transparency about military activity and help monitor arms control and other agreements. Senior intelligence and military officials, however, worry that Russia is taking advantage of technological advances to violate the spirit of the treaty.   Continue reading “Russia wants to fly over US with advanced digital camera”