Boehner fails to find a pair: Rules out House arresting Lois Lerner…

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This is the least shocking story of the day. Boehner doesn’t have the balls to have the House arrest Lois Lerner for contempt and Eric Holder will never do it. That leaves the contempt vote as a toothless show vote to placate the base. Boehner can go back to working on his tan and golf game now.

Via The Hill:   

The House has held Lois Lerner in contempt, but it won’t use its power to place the former IRS official under arrest, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said on Sunday.

Under a precedent affirmed by the Supreme Court, each chamber of Congress can authorize its sergeant-at-arms to detain individuals it holds in contempt. But Boehner said on “Fox News Sunday” that he has no interest in doing that with Lerner, whom the House last week voted to hold in contempt over her refusal to testify about her role in the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups.

“I’m not sure we want to go down that path,” Boehner said. “It’s never been used,” he said of the provision allowing Congress to arrest individuals and place them in the Capitol jail. The Senate has in fact used that power, but not in the last 80 years. “I’m not sure that it’s an appropriate way to go about this,” Boehner said.

14 thoughts on “Boehner fails to find a pair: Rules out House arresting Lois Lerner…

  1. Oh, sure…another bought and paid for bagman. What a disgrace the administration, the President, and the Congress is…despicable bunch of nothings! The worst president, administration and Congress in history.

    Tick, tock, tick, tock…November is coming.

    Josey Wales

    1. Sorry, Josey, but November will do nothing to change the way this country is headed. Wishful thinking.

      These politicians are all the same………Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

    1. Hi, Paraclete. I am an old woman…could someone please tell me how “their time is coming”. I see this in posts, but no one is standing up to them.

      And this American Spring thing is silly. Since when did peaceful protesting change a thing.

      Maybe there is something going on behind the scenes that I don’t know about, but I just wish someone would say how “they” are ever going to be defeated. Personally, I just see it getting worse and worse. And we know that the elections won’t change a thing.
      They never have and never will.

      Just saying…

        1. Oh, #1! Shame on me, a Bible believer!!
          Yes, there time is coming, at the end of the tribulation. They will be cast into outer darkness where there is weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. Where the fire is not quenched and the worm dieth not.

          I was actually thinking about them getting theirs during my lifetime. I don’t plan on being here during the tribulation. I have been sealed unto the day of redemption.

          I stand corrected, Paraclete. Thank you for reminding me, #1.

          Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus.

          1. Actually, I’m thinkin’ that time will run out for a number of them BEFORE the tribulation even starts, 1611.

            Be that as it may, though, nothing that can be done to them in this life can possibly compare to what they’ll experience for all eternity.

  2. A politician didnt do what he said he would do?
    HOLY HELL call the paper. (sarcasm)

    shoot/hang/choke slam these POS’s. All the “kings horses” and all the “kings men”!

    1. cant afford not to…

      meanwhile i just keep sitting at my desk and getting mad about everyone else not doing anything…

      1. I meant set a precedent by charging her. Then they’d almost be obligated to do the same for Holder, among others.

        Unfortunately, THAT ain’t gonna happen. Not in this life.

  3. You mean Boner. The one who plays golf with Obama while millions starve on the streets. These people are a joke. I mean we went from George Washington to Barack Obama. If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be hilarious.

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