Border Patrol: 10 Romanians tried to illegally cross border

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SWANTON, Vt. (AP) — U.S. Border Patrol agents say they have apprehended 10 Romanian citizens trying the cross the U.S.-Canadian border illegally in northern Vermont and New York.

Authorities say they found two women and two children illegally crossing the border into the U.S. near Meridian Road in Champlain, New York, on Tuesday. Border Patrol agents say the women said they were from Romania and did not have any immigration documentation allowing them to remain the country.  

On the same day, the Border Patrol says a Romanian woman and her son tried to illegally cross the border near the Haskell Library in Derby Line, Vermont.

And on Wednesday, agents say two Romanian men and their two children also tried to the cross the border near Meridian Road in Champlain, New York.

2 thoughts on “Border Patrol: 10 Romanians tried to illegally cross border

  1. 10 Romanians in Vermont? Big Fkin’ deal.

    There are 2000 wetbacks entering this country every day.

    Why is this nonsense even in the news? Is this an attempt to convince us the Border Patrol is doing their job?? Or that Trump is saving us?

    Thanks “Reading Eagle”…’ve proven yourself to be completely worthless as a source of news.

    Wait — more breaking news…. A high school kid played hooky today….A drunk fell on his face…. a baby soiled his diaper….and a member of #BLM got himself a goddamn job.

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