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In WWI Trenches, Instant Coffee Gave Troops A Much-Needed Boost

NPR – by Jeff Koehler On April 6, 1917, the U.S. declared war on Germany and formally entered World War I. By late June, American infantry troops began arriving in Europe. One thing they couldn’t do without? Coffee. “Coffee was … Continue reading

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Inside your backside: Giant inflatable colon helps demystify colon cancer

BBC News Hundreds were welcomed to explore a nearly 13-meter long inflatable colon – complete with unhealthy polyps and lesions – on Saturday in Kahnawake, a Mohawk reserve near Montreal. The colon, which was outside of the Knights of Columbus Club, is on tour with the Colorectal … Continue reading

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Nova Scotia Archives is recruiting online volunteers to transcribe documents to make the past searchable

CBC News Lovers of handwriting have long cursed computers for spelling the end of the ancient craft, but a new crowdsourcing program from the Nova Scotia Archives lets them put their passion for penmanship to work in deciphering historic documents. … Continue reading

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Hawthorn: good for tea, jelly, and of course, leprechauns

NCPR – by Paul Hetzler My earliest memory of St. Patrick’s Day is how angry it made my mother, who holds dual Irish-American citizenship and strongly identifies with her Celtic roots. It was not the day itself which got her … Continue reading

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Slammer Sale: States find closed prisons can be a tough sell

NPR ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) States are finding out the hard way that closed prisons can be a tough sell. A recent national study found at least 94 state correctional facilities have been shut down since 2011, and only a few … Continue reading

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Couple in N.S. hopes for last-minute reprieve from ‘devastating’ deportation

CBC News A tiny community of about 200 people on Nova Scotia’s south shore is rallying behind a husband and wife from the U.S. who are under a deportation order to leave Canada. David and Kathryn Wright say they’re heartbroken at the thought of … Continue reading

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1983: Rolla N. Harger Dies; Invented Drunkometer

New York Times, August 10, 1983 INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 9— Dr. Rolla N. Harger, who in 1931 invented the Drunkometer to test intoxicated drivers, died Monday at his home here. He was 93 years old. Dr. Harger had been a professor … Continue reading

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Feds: VA psychiatrist bilked $198K from health care provider

NewsOK ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) — Federal prosecutors say a psychiatrist at a Veterans Affairs hospital in western New York bilked a health care provider out of nearly $200,000 by charging for private services he didn’t provide. The U.S. Attorney’s Office … Continue reading

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Border-crossing bears? U.S. proposal to transplant B.C. grizzlies gets huge response

CBC News – by Lisa Johnson A U.S. federal proposal that could see B.C. grizzly bears captured and shipped south to Washington State has drawn such a huge response, the public comment period has been extended for more than a … Continue reading

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Since Trump, Quiet Upstate Road Becomes a Busy Exit From U.S.

New York Times – by Rick Rojas CHAMPLAIN, N.Y. — Roxham Road is a quiet country road jutting off another quiet country road, where a couple of horses munch on soggy hay and a ditch running along the muddy pavement … Continue reading

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Foiling the Great Aluminum Conspiracy

Calemeo – by Robert Palletier THE CONSPIRACY IS as nefarious as it is ingenious: daily, thousands of commercial aircraft crisscross the skies, spewing out poisonous “chemtrails” that eventually settle earthward.  The main component of this toxic vapor is aluminum oxide, … Continue reading

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It’s still winter….

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War Powers ACT OF 1933

This is an excerpt from “A Lawsuit Is An Act Of War” by Melvin Stamper, J.D. War_Powers_Act_of_1933_with_highlights

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Whitehorse man roasts coffee beans at home with help of a bicycle

CBC As Mike Russo sits pedalling atop his stationary bicycle, he explains how a series of spindles and sprockets connect to a drum that rotates over a wood fire. He gets a leisurely pedal and his coffee beans get a nice even … Continue reading

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Propaganda on TONIGHT!!!

PBS  American Experience   (9pm EST)  (8pm Central) .. ( 10pm Pacific) *It looks like it can be viewed online. RUBY RIDGE The event that helped give rise to the modern American militia movement.  

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How You Can Score Free Tuition, Housing at Vermont College

NECN – by Jack Thurston A small liberal arts college in Vermont has a tantalizing offer for high school seniors: free tuition and free room and board for four years. “It’s a big commitment on the part of the college,” … Continue reading

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Geoengineering: The Bad Idea We Need to Stop Climate Change (2015)

Bloomberg – by Eric Roston, February 10, 2015 Maybe the problem with climate change isn’t that we’ve messed with the earth too much. Or maybe we haven’t messed with it enough. The National Research Council, which writes fat, independent reports … Continue reading

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Ottawa doctor releases sci-fi comic to teach kids about immune system

CBC News It’s the stuff of countless science-fiction stories: alien invaders descending on earth and threatening the planet by turning humanity into mindless, obedient zombies. Now that tried-and-true tale is providing fresh inspiration for an Ottawa physician looking to teach kids about their … Continue reading

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Flashback: Ocean Grove Tries To Keep Old Charm In New Times

New York Times – by LEO H. CARNEY, June 29, 1986 OCEAN GROVE— THIS seaside hamlet is in transition, trying to incorporate century-old spiritual and civic patterns into the fabric being woven by newcomers. In 1979, the State Supreme Court … Continue reading

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This is one of the places that General George Washington stayed…

While his men were freezing…. Morristown National Historical Park commemorates the sites of General Washington and the Continental army’s winter encampment of December 1779 to June 1780, where they survived through what would be the coldest winter on record. The … Continue reading

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