Early Halloween decoration prompts 911 call


WEST FARGO, N.D.—An early Halloween decoration has neighbors in West Fargo concerned.

One of them even called 911.

It was an accidental trick, long before any treats got handed out.

“It is my favorite holiday,” explained Becky Muhs. “It’s been since birth actually.”

October 31 is also this couple’s wedding anniversary, and Becky’s birthday is on the 29th.

“Halloween is kind of a good day for us,” she said.

Over the weekend, Becky Muhs got a jump start on Halloween decorations.

But before any of the eyeballs or inflatables went up, their first decoration was a window sign.

It says “Help Me,” and looks like it was written in blood.

After putting it up, the Muhs went out for a birthday dinner.

On their way home, they got messages from neighbors asking if they were okay.

One man even went as far as calling 911.

That neighbor is none other than WDAY Radio host, Jay Thomas.

“I look across the street and I see in my neighbor’s window, the sign that says help me,” Thomas said. “That window has always had the curtains drawn. So I’m like, ‘what’s going on in here?'”

He says he saw a cop car parked down the street before calling the police.

“So I go down there, I look in the car, the person in there just motions me to get oughta here,” he said. “I’m like whoa, okay, something’s not right.”

Thomas called 911, then messaged Becky.

She said, “I didn’t answer and 15 minutes later, he’s like, ‘are you okay are you okay, are you at home.’ And then I said, ‘what?” He said, ‘a sign, you have a sign on your window, help me.'”

She was okay and the officer who showed up told the couple this happens all the time.

“To my defense, there were no other Halloween decorations out there,” Thomas said.

From total scare to a memory that’s still making both of them laugh.

“That was a talented terror there,” Muhs said.

Officers did not ask them to take down the “Help Me” sign.


6 thoughts on “Early Halloween decoration prompts 911 call

  1. “It is my favorite holiday,” explained Becky Muhs. “It’s been since birth actually.”

    Over Thanksgiving & Christmas?

    You’ve got some serious mental issues, lady.

    “That was a talented terror there,” Muhs said.”

    Wait till you see what the so-called ‘government’ has in store for you, if you like being terrified.

    You ain’t seen NOTHIN’ yet!

    1. agreed , the cluelessness in this one is strong!… really strong

      its amazing how many people exist out there, that have zero ability to look within ones self … its fuking astounding

      and as far as the “Wait until you see” crowd …all I gotta say is …I see dead people ..Everywhere a lot of dead people
      and all by their own hands

      1. They’re just too easily ‘programmable’ these days, EotS.

        I see a wave of mass suicides coming for the social media junkies, once they’re no longer ‘connected’.

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