Boulder grocery massacre leaves multiple dead including cop, suspect in custody

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A Colorado police officer and multiple people died when a gunman opened fire inside a grocery store Monday afternoon, sending shoppers running for their lives and igniting an hours-long standoff,” authorities said.

Boulder Police Cmdr. Kerry Yamaguchi said a person of interest was being treated for injuries and was in police custody. He said he could not confirm the number of deaths, saying it was too early in the investigation. 

“We don’t know. They are still processing the scene,” Yamaguchi told reporters.

The identity of the deceased officer and other victims were not released. Yamaguchi said investigators were still working to determine a motive.

Kelly McGannon, a spokeswoman for the grocery store, offered her condolences to the loved ones of the victms and first responders

“Our hearts are broken over this senseless act of violence,” she said.

It was not clear how many people were injured during what police described as an active shooter situation at the grocery store on Table Mesa Drive shortly before 3 p.m. local time. Officers were heard on loudspeaker telling someone to exit a vehicle.

“I need you to exit the vehicle now!” the Boulder Police Department said.

According to local FOX 31 Denver, police first received a report of man shot in a car in the area. But officers who arrived on scene were reportedly shot at by an unknown suspect.

One witness told FOX 31 Denver they heard a sound similar to fireworks after leaving the store and saw a man in the parking lot holding an “AR-15 style weapon” and wearing what looked like tactical gear. The witness went back into the store to tell the people inside.

Another said he was on his way to get coffee at King Soopers when he arrived at the scene after the shooting, the news station reported.

“I was in shock initially when we realized what was happening,” he said. “It’s something I’ve grown up with. People my age and my generation are used to this.”

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, a Democrat, said he was “closely watching unfolding events” at the grocery store.

“Like my fellow Coloradans, I am closely watching unfolding events at King Soopers in Boulder,” he tweeted. “My prayers are with our fellow Coloradans in this time of sadness and grief as we learn more about the extent of the tragedy.”

The supermarket is one of several sites throughout the state where the COVID-19 vaccine is being distributed.

A store employee at a local sandwich shop, who did not give his name, told Fox News he and his coworkers heard gunshots before they moved to the back of their store for safety.

Several state and county law enforcement agencies were assisting Boulder police as well as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Live video on the ground showed police surrounding a building as someone could be heard over the loudspeaker saying, “This is the Boulder Police Department … come out with your hands up.”

The footage later showed police officers armed with long guns being lifted via a firetruck apparatus onto the roof of the grocery store. Police K-9s could also be heard at the scene.

Some of the store’s windows appeared to be broken, the video showed.

Minutes after police pushed their way into the shooting scene, they could be seen walking out with a handcuffed, shirtless man in handcuffs. One of the man’s legs appeared bloody.

Police could also be seen leading at least one other person out of the store and pressing him against the exterior wall of the building before walking away with him. He did not appear to be handcuffed.

Shortly thereafter, dozens of people who appeared to have been inside the store could be seen walking out. A spokesperson for King Soopers, a brand of the Kroger supermarket chain, has not returned a Fox News request for comment.

Boulder is located 25 miles northwest of Denver and is home ot the University of Colorado.

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  1. I saw it scanning channels.. on CNN.. I counted 24 terrorists in green with kevlar helmets. just standing around.. all I could think is.. what would they do if 2 more incidents happened in Boulder at that same moment? reckon they had 2 more 24 man teams to send?? i bet not.

      1. now this morning I’ve seen a video that indicates it’s just another fake.. I’m done with it all.

  2. Seems the new administration is working on its false flag program lately

    Desperate as hell to scare us into new infringements
    This week the rats vote on “gun control” and elimination of the filibuster! Shocker!!!!

    Oh and let’s not forget to take any attention of of feeble ol trippin Joe and the crisis and potential war on the southern border

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