Boy suspended for drawing stick figure holding gun, knives

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(Meredith) – A 13-year-old boy who drew a stick figure holding a gun and another holding two knives was suspended from his North Carolina middle school.

The boy’s father, James Herring, said he can’t believe his son received a two-day suspension earlier this month for what he calls a harmless picture.

“[He’s] just expressing himself, nothing violent,” Herring told WRAL. “I drew pictures like this…any other person of his age drew pictures like this. It’s nothing to get expelled from school for.”

Herring said their family enjoys hunting, adding that the guns in his home are kept under lock and key.

Though the seventh-grader has returned to Roseboro-Salemburg Middle School, his father is wondering what type of message the school system is trying to send by suspending his son.

“Due to everything happening in the nation, we’re just being extra vigilant about all issues of safety,” said Sampson County Schools’ Superintendent Eric Bracy.

The superintendent didn’t share any details about the boy’s suspension, but told WRAL that punishments for a variety of offenses are outlined in the student handbook.

6 thoughts on “Boy suspended for drawing stick figure holding gun, knives

  1. Well maybe Dad has finally realized that his kid is being brainwashed rather than educated, and molded to fit into a society that scorns all means of self-defense weaponry in favor of their master’s “protection”.

  2. If that were my son, the day he left that school on suspension would be the last time he set foot on that school’s property. Why on God’s green earth would you send your child back to the monsters?

  3. Hell, when I was in HS we used to play mumbley peg( throwing knives at one another’s feet ) in the schoolyard, among other various games that would never fly today. Ah the memories. Thing is…..we lived through it !!!

  4. This really could have been worse.

    The t-shirt could have had a stick vagina person holding two gunz.


    March 4 R Wives.

    Oh…. they’re killin me.

    Just fkng Killen me.

    Hey I hear there is a ban on fruit of the loom underwear.

    Because the guy that was the grape in that old commercial. .. was black.

    I find that offensive.

    In fact I hear he’s suing the Jews for forty acres and a mule.

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    Oh… I almost forgot. ..

    The Chinese are attacking us with a space station. Crashing the next few days.

    Evidently….somebody …somewhere.

    Doesn’t want them there.

    Their killin me.

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