BREAKING: How Edward Snowden Escaped Transit Area in Moscow!

American Everyman – by willyloman

An amazing video has surfaced showing Super Spy Edward Snowden preparing to make his great escape from the transit area in Moscow. As you can see from this video, Snowden disguised himself as a black Muslim and jived his way past the tight security and onto the plane. An amazing bit of Bourne Identity type super duper spying on Edward’s part if you ask me.

7 thoughts on “BREAKING: How Edward Snowden Escaped Transit Area in Moscow!

      1. I listened to a “thumbnail” on that article and it was Jimi Hendricks last interview a week before his death. I’m not a conspiracy nut but the interview took place on September 11, 1970.

        1. ’71 would have constituted a conspiracy.

          Well, off to the movies. I’ll be back later.

  1. Gee, before opening the link to the article, I actually thought he did sneak onto the plane as a black Muslim. lol

    Anyways, Gene Wilder is awesome. Remember, he has an “abbynormal brain” in Young Frankenstein. lol

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