Brooklyn Subway Shooter Arrested In Manhattan, Will Face Federal Terrorism Charges

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Update (1430ET): The NYPD have now confirmed the arrest, and also that the suspect will be hit with federal charges. Fox News is reporting that a tip to the NYPD’s “crime stoppers” hotline helped police bring the suspect into custody, with citizens surreptitiously taking photos of the suspect on their phones, leading police to arrest him near St. Mark’s Place.

An NYPD news conference is being held shortly. 

After being introduced by John Miller, Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism at the NYPD, Mayor Adams proclaimed “my fellow New Yorkers: we got him” before thanking “everybody” who called in tips, and praised the investigators for bringing in the suspect less than 30 hours after the crime. He was arrested by officers from NYPD’s 9th precinct. He will face federal terrorism charges, and will likely face a sentence of life in prison.

A representative from the FBI took a minute to deny reports that James had been investigated by FBI agents in New Mexico.

“To date, we have found no record of Frank R James in connection with the shooting yesterday…reports that FBI agents in the New Mexico field office are inaccurate”.

NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell then confirmed that “moments ago, Frank Robert James was arrested…on the corner of St Marks Place and First Avenue in Manhattan”. She confirmed that he will face federal terror charges related to “yesterday’s appalling crime”.

James had ties to Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, New Jersey and other states had been arrested on a host of crimes, including 9 in NYC and 3 in New Jersey. His many prior crimes range from sex-related offenses to larceny to “tampering”. The gun he used in the shooting was purchased by him in Ohio back in 2011.

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Update (1400ET): In the first major break in the case since yesterday’s shooting, a handful of law enforcement sources have reportedly told NBC News that Frank James is now in police custody following a manhunt that lasted more than a day, and started with the brutal gruesome shooting Tuesday morning in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

The suspect, who was reportedly arrested in Manhattan, is alleged to have shot ten people before making his escape on a subway car.

Meanwhile, video of the arrest has already reached social media.

Of course, this horrible crime could have possibly been prevented if the FBI hadn’t ‘cleared’ the suspect back in 2019. But then again, they were preoccupied.

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One thought on “Brooklyn Subway Shooter Arrested In Manhattan, Will Face Federal Terrorism Charges

  1. Funny how there’s never any recording of the shooter in the act in the communist capital where phones are literally glued to peoples hand.
    I have seen people hold on to their phone in the middle of a violent attack. Yet nobody happens to record, in the most densely packed scenario I could think of.
    I really don’t care if it’s a false flag or not at this point. Guns solve every problem, and your not taking them.

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