City Inspector Cites Business Flying U.S. Military Flags. Then She’s Confronted By A Veteran.

The Daily Wire – by Hank Berrien

On Monday, a Jacksonville, Florida city inspector walked into a Cedar Hills Estate business that had flags flying above the building to honor the different branches of the U.S. military and issued a warning citation to the business, then allegedly told a veteran protesting her action, “You did nothing for this country.”

At roughly noon on Monday, city inspector Melinda Power entered Jaguar Power Sports after seeing two United States flags, a Jacksonville Jaguars flag and flags representing each branch of the military flying atop the building and issued the citation, arguing that they violated the city code.  

Store manager Marcy Moyer said later, “We cater to our men and women, both retired and active military, so it was personal. We felt like it was a personal attack.” Employees asserted that the veteran, a customer, got upset. Surveillance video shows Power getting in the veteran’s face and arguing.

Store employee Katie Klasse recalled, “She says, ‘What did you do for this country?’ He says, ‘I took three bullets to the leg. I almost lost my life for this country. I’m retired. I’m a veteran.’ She gets in his face this close and says, ‘You did nothing for this country.’”

Employees told News4Jax that Power became so disruptive she was asked to leave.

Moyer concluded, “The way she handled the situation was terrible.”

When Jacksonville mayor Lenny Curry was informed about the incident, he tweeted:

Curry’s chief of staff, Brian Hughes told News4Jax:

We are disturbed by some of the claims made about a City employee and are reviewing the facts. We are also reviewing the current ordinances regarding flags and signs to ensure accurate information was shared. The business was issued a warning, and was not fined. Warnings are issued to provide property owners information about a possible violation, and corrective action. I have contacted the dealership and provided the owner with the mayor’s contact information for them to discuss directly. Mayor Curry and his administration respect and appreciate those in uniform who have served and continue to serve our community, and our country.

Power’s supervisor was at Jaguar Power Sports when the incident occurred. The store posted a video regarding the incident.

The Blaze reported, “City Hall was inundated with calls about the citation, the station said, adding that of 50 calls taken in the first hour of business, most wanted the inspector fired.”

Many military veterans were furious:

Dan Arbour: “They’re flying a flag on their building and it’s not out in the street. It’s not in the public right-of-way. All these flags represent people who lived, worked and died serving our country so we can do this. Somebody needs to school her on what the codes are. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. We have the life we have because of these flags and the men who serve. I’ve got words for her that I can’t say on TV.”

Stephen Anthon: “I was very offended. If this business didn’t support veterans, I wouldn’t be here right now.”

Navy veteran Lanny Austin: “I was enraged. I’m retired Navy. My son’s retired Army. We put our butts out there and they pull this. I don’t like it. The way she handled herself was totally disrespectful.”

Video below:

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10 thoughts on “City Inspector Cites Business Flying U.S. Military Flags. Then She’s Confronted By A Veteran.

  1. Well she was right to a point……he took 3 bullets for the D.C. zionist war machine but he didn’t fight for any American national or our freedom……that fight is gonna be here

  2. its a private business

    they can fly any dam flag they want bitch!

    as far as his augment .. dude you were used like a Trojan Condom.. face the music , sorry to say and yes it does suck, but going through life thinking otherwise is only hurting yerself and your family

  3. “….and issued a warning citation to the business,….”

    Under what authority?

    The flying of flags on private property is covered by our right to free expression.

  4. This Not anywhere near what actually happened. It didn’t start from the issue of the Flags but another violation/Safety issue. However the owner of the Business made the decision to escalate the original issue. I DO NOT agree with her decision to enforce codes but as a Business owner myself that Fly Flags The Mayor has done the right thing with this issue.

    1. what was the “other” so called “violation”?

      if it started with another issue , how did it get to the flags and a vet?

      not pushing back on your comment , just want the whole picture

  5. That bitch should take 3 bullets just for being a asshole and a French fried looking bitch. You don’t have to like the military but the time I spent was way better then the prison option and I got college.

  6. “She gets in his face this close and says, ‘You did nothing for this country.’”

    I would have LOVED to have been there for that.

    I’d have gotten ‘in her face this close’ with “And you’ve done everything you can to DESTROY this country, working for the COMMUNISTS! Make no mistake, you commie c#nt… WE’LL HANG EVERY F%&KING ONE OF YOU SCUMBAG TRAITORS!!!”

    See what the skank b#tch has to say to that.

  7. What an obnoxious woman, utterly impressed with her own false power. I think these little (or big) confrontations and irritations speak to the climate of the times and we are likely to see very many more of them as the arm of control stretches further and further. Freedom is fed up and pounding down the door. It would be a good thing if incidents like this went on high increase and become overwhelmingly unmanageable for the system and its courts simply because of sheer volume. That could move things either way: Harsher methods from the system or greater uprising from the people. But we got the numbers, and the guns. Arriving at being fed up is actually a very positive place to get to. Many here got there years ago, some are just arriving, but many more are moving closer. Real and righteous anger is saying “No more. NO MORE, DAMN IT!!!”


    1. yeah its really bringing out the thugs that think because they yell louder that they can get what ever they want

      The owner should have kicked her butt out and banned her for life.. see how much power you have now beotch

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