CNN claims cops are afraid of lit cigarettes


CNN claims, if you are stopped by police while driving you should obey a cops orders even if they break the law.

“The officer doesn’t know who you are” said Cedric Alexander, CNN law enforcement analyst. This is 100% B.S.!

When a cop stops a motorist what’s the FIRST thing they do? They run your registration through their databases which tells the officer who the owner of the vehicle is and what your home address is and that’s just for starters.  

Just how much do cops really know about you? The truth is much scarier than mass-media would lead you to believe.

This month I reported how “police are giving American addresses color coded threat ratings.”

Any high-priority 911 calls, defined as in-progress or life-threatening crimes, will now be filtered through a database to assess any possible threats an officer may encounter while responding.

“The database goes through all public information for the call’s location — from arrest records to pizza deliveries — and gives the address a rating. Green means minimal threat, yellow a possible threat and red a major threat.”

“The RTCC system shows officers three pieces of data: the threat level, the criminal history of anyone living at the home and a list of known friends and family members. This list sometimes includes possible phone numbers and addresses of these associates.”

Police Chief Jerry Dyer acknowledged that it was possible for a home to be given a red threat level because someone associated with it once had a violent conviction.

Once a cop has your license and registration they know more than you realize:

“They know your name and aliases; your Social Security number; where you live; when you were born; the color of your skin and eyes; any scars, tattoos, or identifying marks; your height, vision, and gender; what kind of car you drive, whether it’s a stolen vehicle, and your license and plate numbers; your traffic violation history; your local, state, and federal criminal history; and your fingerprints.”

“Local police gather this information from five main databases. A search of records from the state registration agency (called the “Department of Motor Vehicles” in most places) yields information on your car and to whom it’s registered. There’s another archive of driver’s license records, kept in some states by the DMV and in other states by a separate licensing agency, which has facts on where you live, your driving record, and sometimes a digital copy of your license photo. Outstanding arrest warrants will show up in a third database, and a person’s criminal history can be found in either the local police records or the federally operated National Crime Information Center database, which culls from local, state, and federal files.”

Police are using more than TWENTY EIGHT automated “risk assessment” programs on EVERYONE driving or travelling in the US! Click here & here to find out more.

If you know your rights and exercise them, just hope that cop you just pissed off doesn’t call dispatch and say they have a “hostile vehicle” which essentially brands you a terrorist!

The CNN article goes on to say, the first thing an officer is looking out for is his or her safety.

Sarah Bland “could flick the cigarette at him?”  CNN legal analyst and criminal defense lawyer PaulCallan said.

Leave it to mass media to publish a B.S. story about cops being put in jeopardy because a motorist could flick a lit cigarette at them!

If an officer feels any threat whatsoever, he or she can order someone out of their vehicle, said CNN legal analyst and attorney Danny Cevallos.

The theory is that “the officer’s safety outweighs the minimal intrusion,” for a driver or passengers, Cevallos said.

CNN’s “experts” and I use the term loosely claim, it’s legal to record a traffic stop but that doesn’t mean you should!

Retired New York police detective Harry Houck said an officer should never tell a person not to record.

But, he and other experts said, having the right to do certain things doesn’t necessarily mean you should do them.

“Any level-headed person who gets pulled over does what a police officer tells you and there won’t be any problems,” said Houck. “Whether the cop is wrong, you can hash it out in courts after it’s over.

“Can you smoke? Yeah, you can,” Houck continued. “Can he tell you to put it out? No. But why don’t you just be smart and put it out?”

WTF? A cop can’t legally order you to put out a cigarette but you should obey them because they work for the government?

“We know the reality of trying to play lawyer with the police,” Cevallos said. “Do you want to make a stand for justice or do you want to go home? The way you show a police officer that they’re wrong is not at the time of the traffic stop. It’s later in court.”

What the mass-media is saying is we know cops can and will break the law, just obey them and hope you don’t get shot!

What CNN didn’t mention is Houck said Sarah Bland would be alive today if she wasn’t ARROGANT and just blindly followed a cops orders!

“An officer does have the choice to bring anyone out of the vehicle when he stops them for his own safety,” Houck told CNN’s Don Lemon on Tuesday. “The whole thing here is that she was very arrogant from the beginning, very dismissive of the officer, alright?”

CNN political contributor Marc Lamont Hill pointed out that Bland did not have a legal responsibility to “kiss the officer’s butt.”

“She has a right to be irritated,” Hill said. “A lot of us get irritated when we get pulled over. This officer comes to her and says, ‘Is there something wrong? You seem like you have an attitude.’ He’s trying to pick a fight with her.”

Hill responded to Houck’s claim that everyone should obey a cops orders even if they’re wrong:

“I refused to legitimize police violence against people by telling them that if they behave differently, maybe they won’t die,” Hill insisted. “Harry said maybe you won’t end up on the ground. Yes, there are strategies we can use to survive. But the fact that we live in a world where we have to deploy strategies not to be murdered or killed or assaulted by police unlawfully is absurd.”

An officer can allow a lot of leeway or be incredibly harsh and all of that can be legally justified.” said Charles Blow a NY Times columnist.

I think reporter Blows comment is right on target, the American police state, its judges, politicians etc., will back a cops actions even to the point of killing innocent motorists without any facing any

3 thoughts on “CNN claims cops are afraid of lit cigarettes

  1. “Leave it to mass media to publish a B.S. story about cops being put in jeopardy because a motorist could flick a lit cigarette at them!”

    Exactly. These code enforcers are afraid of everything and anything, and rightfully so. They created this environment by their own actions and they know their day of reckoning is coming.

    Most cars now a days no longer have an ashtray nor a lighter. If a cops “orders” you to put out a cigarette, and your only way to “comply” is to throw it out the window, you will probably be cited with littering. That could be a death sentence.

  2. Cops are afraid of everything.. everything out there in the world is a threat to a cop , but only because they make it a threat to them

    Isnt it nice to know we have all these armed pussies out there “fighting” crime?

  3. I have been around plenty of large fires in my forty odd years. One concern I always had was getting hot ash in my eye. Hot ashes do float up from a big blaze. They can settle some distance away and ignite other fires when conditions are very dry and windy. Sheltered suburbanites who have never even see a fireplace, much less a campfire, will have no point of reference.

    Abuse cases sometimes reference a child having suffered cigarette burns to their arms as “punishment” for their actions. And anyone who has dropped a lit cigarette in their own lap can attest to the fact it can and will cause damage.

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