COMMUNISM 101: Seattle High School Demands Students Sign Pledge to Support BLM, Abortion and Immigration

100% Fed Up – by Jesse Martin

Public high schools across the nation have come under fire in recent years for their blatantly far-left and liberal teaching and administrative habits. Whether it’s covering up and promoting transgender children, inviting drag queens to the school to talk to kindergartners, or teaching critical race theory–many schools have embraced the left’s cultural Marxism.

Some schools, however, are much more radical and explicit in their indoctrination of students than others.

The Seattle area’s East Lake High School has demanded that students sign a radical pledge in support of Black Lives Matter, open borders, abortion, and more leftist issues in order to be connected to a student mentor, as an incoming freshman.

Students who want to participate in what should be a standard mentoring program must sign a “code of conduct” pledge which includes some standard good-behavior and positive-attitude content, but then veers off course to the left.

“Students must initial next to the statements that they believe ‘Black Lives Matter,’ ‘Love is Love,’ ‘No Human is Illegal,’ ‘Women’s rights are human rights,’ and ‘Kindness is everything,’” a report by KTTH, a radio station in the northwest, found.

Support of Black Lives Matter clearly means supporting destruction of property and violence rioting, however the others are mostly all less-than-subtle liberal dogwhistles. “Women’s rights are human rights” refers to killing babies in the womb as a human right, “no human is illegal” means open borders, and “love is love” is a pro-LGBT dogwhistle which is no longer just limited to support of gay marriage and which is frequently co-opted by groomers and other child predators.

Humanities teachers, including those responsible for the pledge, brag to the radio station that they “always bring in our politics” to the classroom. But to them, it’s not indoctrination to shove ideology down a child’s throat rather than actual information.

It’s not just the teachers at East Lake High School, either. Least year, the administration banned the students’ 9/11 memorial for being “racially insensitive” as well. The liberal corruption is at all levels of public education.

100% Fed Up

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