Cop Who Raped Woman During Traffic Stop, Shot By Woman. Police Say Incidents are Related

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San Antonio, TX — Officer Jackie Neal of the San Antonio PD, has been on paid vacation for the last year and a half for accusations of crimes that his chief referred to as “unthinkable.” After evidence linked him to this vile crime, he’s still been receiving his over-deserved salary of $62,556.00.

Neal, 40, was in full uniform, in a marked squad car and on-duty when he made a traffic stop on a Friday morning in November of 2013. He then proceeded to sexually assault a 19-year-old woman, according to the San Antonio Police Department.  

He forced the young woman to bend over, with her face in the rear seat of the police car. He pulled her pants and underwear down to her ankles and sexually assaulted her, according to the complaint. At that point, Neal admonished her that if she told anyone, he would know where to find her and drove off, leaving her standing there.

Thursday night, Neal was shot in the neck by an unnamed female assailant. He is currently in critical condition.

While the name of the woman in custody has not yet been released, police suggested that the incident was linked to the earlier rape allegations, says News4SanAntonio.

The shooting happened at Neal’s home in the 9100 block of Arroyo Hondo in Helotes, Texas. Police were called to the scene shortly after 7 pm on Thursday and found Neal with a bullet wound in his neck.

In January of last year, the woman claiming to be raped by Neal filed a $10 million lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in San Antonio. She named the Neal, Police Chief William McManus and the city as defendants.

According to the complaint, Neal had been suspended for three days in September, stemming from “a morally reprehensible and inappropriate” relationship with a female high school student enrolled in the Police Explorer Program. Neal was an advisor to the program in which students learn about police work, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The complaint alleged that Neal had sexual relations with the girl, who was an 18-year-old high school senior when the relationship ended in February 2013.

Judging from the past allegations against Neal, the shooter could have been any number of former female victims.


7 thoughts on “Cop Who Raped Woman During Traffic Stop, Shot By Woman. Police Say Incidents are Related

  1. “At that point, Neal admonished her that if she told anyone, he would know where to find her and drove off, leaving her standing there.”

    Tit for tat. IF she was the shooter, she found out where to locate his scumbag @ss. HOWEVER…

    “Police were called out to the home shortly after 7 p.m. on Thursday. They found Neal shot in the neck. A woman at the scene, thought to be the shooter, was taken into custody.”

    This makes no sense. IF she was the shooter and wanted revenge, why just one shot? Why not make SURE he was dead? And why hang around until his pig buddies showed up?

    Also, NO info on who actually called the pigs.

  2. Rapists of all manner & kind need MORE holes in em’…..ESPECIALLY >dirty< revenue enforcers/pigs

  3. Seems people will have to take the law into their own hands if
    its justice they are looking for.

    Seems the legal system has failed the common people.

  4. I’m glad the son-of-a-bitch was shot, and I’m sorry he survived, but what we see here again is a pig who should have been fired long ago (or shot long ago), but was kept on the job because he’s exactly the kind of sick bastard that police departments are looking for.

    Rapists rape because they’re aroused by the power and control they have over their victim, and since it’s that exact same lust for power that draws people to police work, the fact of cops being serial rapists shouldn’t surprise anyone.

    Unless of course, your opinion of police is based on TV characters rather than reality, in which case, you’re a brainwashed moron anyway. I’m not talking to you because you’re forever trapped in your idiocy.

    I’m sure these roadside rapes are common practice among police.

  5. Why hasn’t this happened more often and why in bleeding hell haven’t these women’s men folks already taken care of business? I despair for the lack of cojones apparent in todays American males.

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