I remember it as if happened yesterday, but the documentation eludes my internet searches, so the time of the occurrence is going to require some guesswork.

I think it was about a year ago, maybe two, when in the span of one month, more than a hundred police chiefs and captains from all across the country suddenly resigned their positions.

Several journalists noted the anomaly, so there are news articles about this somewhere out there (or were), but none of these journalists gave any reason for what seemed to me like an obvious refusal to abide by new policies.          

It seemed to me at the time that they must have been informed of some new changes coming to their workplace that they wanted no part of. Why else would more than a hundred bosses from the law enforcement rackets all across the country suddenly abandon their careers?

Well a year or two later, it looks like we’re seeing examples of these new policies in one you-tube video after another, and they reveal a new definition of “police work” which produces a lot of dead bodies.

We’ve seen homeless men executed in cold blood for sleeping in a park, and a maniacal cop dive onto the hood of a slowly moving car, so he could murder the teenage girl who was driving it. We’re seeing old men shot to pieces because they needed a cane to “comply”, and a woman torn to ribbons because she made a wrong turn, with her baby in the backseat.

There have been no less than three alleged “suicides” in the back seats of police cars, somehow committed by low-level criminals who were searched for weapons, handcuffed behind their back, and still managed to acquire a gun and blow their own brains out while remaining handcuffed. The fact of any of these deaths being ruled a suicide, is only proof that the sickness extends far beyond the cops in question.

I’ve only mentioned a few of the more famous murders here, probably more famous because they have video files associated with them, but we’re also reading about two innocent Americans being killed by police every week. This madness would be horrible enough if it were confined to one county or state, but it would still be manageable as long as the remainder of the country remained sane, unfortunately, what we are seeing is a new policy of extreme brutality being encouraged by police departments across the entire country simultaneously.

I say “encouraged” because the police are never punished for what the public perceives as cold blooded murder, and are usually only subject to a paid vacation until the public forgets about it. The results of any investigations are only an insult to any concerned citizens who follow the story, and invariably result in the predictable decision that the cop “acted within departmental guidelines”.

Of course, I”m not the only one noticing this, because police brutality protests have been held in four cites that I’m aware of in the last week alone. People across the country have seen the videos, read real news, and they’ve definitely decided that they’re not in favor of this type of protection and service, but as usual, a significant portion of the population remains brainwashed, and what they know about police will forever be dominated by impressions left by Kojak, Dirty Harry, and Starsky & Hutch.

Whenever one of these news stories is accompanied by reader comments, you’ll always see one of the brainwashed, or a Zionist troll,  insisting that “we need cops” and that “most of them are good” and that it’s only a “few bad apples” responsible for all of the mayhem, but they never provide reasons or proof of these statements, which we’re expected to believe simply because it’s what the television taught us to believe.

Has anyone reading this ever been protected by a cop, or seen anyone being protected by a cop, or is that one of the many things that only happens on TV? I’ve certainly never seen nor heard of it happening in real life anywhere. Did you ever see a cop “serving” anyone with anything other than a summons? How much brutality do they unleash, and how many murders do they commit that we never hear about at all?

When you objectively examine the effectiveness of police in fighting crime the entire idea looks silly, because they’re only called after a crime has been committed, and the perpetrator has escaped. They’re peeled off a stool in a doughnut shop to fill out a report, and this helps the public to believe they’re doing something helpful, but criminals are rarely caught, unless they’ve committed a crime they felt there was no need to escape from. The only way to make police effective at fighting crime, would be to have so many of them that they’d be breathing down our necks constantly, for a price that none of can, or wants to pay.

“Drug busts” are celebrated in the media, and I’d assume that cops would concentrate their efforts on them because of the money to be made, but robbers, burglars, and rapists get away with their crimes more than 90% of the time, and only 50% of murderers are ever caught, despite the fact of them usually being known to the victim.

After you sift through the myths, the lies, and their endless promotion in the Zionist media, and you objectively look at the cold, hard data, what you’ll find is that cops at their best are just a huge, useless expense, and all they really do is squeeze money out of the population through fines and the confiscation of property. They do very little if anything to fight crime, they don’t protect anyone except the rich and each other, and they’re perfectly willing to kill civilians on a whim.

At their worst, cops can be brutal overlords, who literally beat the population into submission at the behest of tyrannical dictators. We’ve seen this displayed time and again throughout history, and we’re now seeing this same nightmare unfold here in America.

In addition to the murders, we’re also seeing a new level of brutality and arrogance being displayed, and it’s evident in the use of expressions like “bag ’em” as an order for a group of cops fill an innocent man with bullets. They seem to know that they’ll never be punished for their crimes, and that they’re not required or even expected to behave in any civilized manner.

Americans are being tortured with Tasers during traffic stops, as sadistic cops repeatedly jolt them with high-voltage electricity for any display of their Constitutional rights. Women have been raped, and we’ve seen several cops coordinate their efforts toward this prize. One police spokesman wrote “woman can avoid being raped by not getting pulled over”, which implies that any woman who is pulled over is subject to being raped, and in fact, public statements like this encourage more cops to commit rape. They laugh as they kill an innocent family’s dog, in full view of the children, and probably joke about it after work, because it seems as if they were taught that the rest of us are less than human.

Cops in our society belong to a subculture of their own. Most, if not all of their friends are other cops, and that fact forces them to conform somewhat to the mores of their group, which include ostracization and possible danger for bringing charges against another cop. The fact that cops do form their own society, with its own rules, also allows them to behave far outside America’s mores, and still feel justified, if not superior, for doing so. And it also allows them to be led like a herd of cattle, toward any new “training” objectives they’re given.

As it happens, they’re receiving a lot of training and training material from the ADL, and as you might expect, the ADL is employing the usual Zionist tactic of getting one group of Americans to fight another. Police are being taught to behave brutally, and how to defend themselves from brutality charges in court. Recent court cases have shown us that the psychological testing used for hiring police excludes candidates likely to show much empathy, or do much thinking. They only want callous thugs for the job.

Our police are being used to deliver the communists’ “reign of terror” to us, and at the same time, they’re being set up to be the victims of an angry population, which would necessitate the invasion of foreign or NATO forces to “restore order.” If this is the result, so be it, because the price we’ll all pay for ignoring this situation is far worse. The longer police are allowed to behave like this, the worse their behavior will become, and the more of them will join in on the fun.

Americans can and should demand that their police departments be disbanded, and their local cops be fired. The county sheriff is the only law enforcement official with any constitutional authority, and Americans should always be armed and ready to defend themselves.

The police are out of control, by design, and their abuse won’t be tolerated forever. Something had better change, and soon, because the population is growing angrier, and the cops are responding with increased brutality. Police have always been the first targets of a revolution, and they’re being pushed into the path of the next one, too.  — Jolly Roger

“One has to multiply thoughts to the point where there aren’t enough policemen to control them”   – Stan Jerzy Lee

About the author: Jolly Roger has been the world’s most dangerous blogger for more than a decade because he answers to no one, fears no one, and writes only to support the causes of truth, justice, and the American way. New and recent articles are at

26 thoughts on “COPS

    1. I knew other people would remember that, Enemy. It didn’t go unnoticed at the time, but I couldn’t find an article about it anywhere. (any Enemy of the State is a friend of mine)

      1. Hi Jolly,

        I remember also, but I think your time frame is too short. As I recall, this was ~ 10 years ago, not 2 -3. . .

  1. Having been in law enforcement many years ago, my disgust at the actions of so-called police today is overwhelming. This will not stop until there is massive resistance to this epidemic oppression. The only statement that Mao ever made with which I agree is “…justice comes from the barrel of a gun…” Its finally come down to this. The system is so corrupt its not repairable by any conventionable means such as voting. I hate saying it, but we must face the reality of our situation.

    1. It’s important to hear this from an ex-cop, Frank. It prevents me from looking like a cop-hater.

      I hate a lot of things that they do, but I do realize that most of them probably took the job for the right reasons, and it turned out to be a different path than they originally wanted to walk.

  2. Nailed it Jolly Roger,

    90 percent of these bastards are crooked.

    And just think, when these murdering commie lovers retire, they are payed big money with benefits.

    1. pensions, benefits, health insurance — it’s the gift that keeps on taking. They’re useless crooks when they’re working, and they cost us a mint long after they’ve stopped robbing us in person.

  3. Excellent article J.R.! You are a very good writer and I agree with your points regarding our Zionist trained police. I guess we’re all going to be treated like the Palestinians in Gaza. Wait until they start attacking Americans with their drones and driving around in their armored vehicles patrolling for their next victim. I believe we are going to experience increased incidences of people shooting police in self defense and it does sound like the cops have declared war on us. It’s only going to get worse and it’s bad enough already.

    1. Thank you, Millard. I respect your opinions, so a compliment coming from you is much appreciated. I don’t think we’ll be treated like the Palestinians (but I do agree that’s the goal), because it looks like Americans are beginning to resist this tyranny. They’re starting to see that there’s no hiding from it, and it’s forcing them out of their slumber.

      1. At this point J.R., any contact with the police is a potential life threatening encounter. The “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality has permeated law enforcement. Why is it that our police are being trained by Israelis? Oh, that’s right, I forgot, the Zionists have taken over our government. (I always read your comments as you seem to have your head screwed on straight.)

  4. “By the Brezhnev era, after tens of millions had been exterminated in the gulag, many Russians lamented that “submissiveness had softened our brains to such a degree” that resistance was no longer possible. All of this could have been avoided, Solzhenitsyn contended, if resistance had begun “at the moment of arrest itself.”
    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”– Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

    1. “submissiveness had softened our brains to such a degree that resistance was no longer possible”

      That’s interesting, PJ, because I read an article written by a psychologist who claimed that as a population, we’re suffering from something similar to “battered wife syndrome”. He may have been right, or he may have been a troll helping to create that effect by claiming it already exists, but we’re already starting to see Americans waking up, fighting back, and preparing to fight harder, so I’m becoming more and more encouraged every day.

  5. Yes JR, I remember that as well. As you say now we know why. Wish it weren’t that way but it is. I too am encouraged by the fact that a number of people are waking up. Some are taking care of business already, and have been for a time now. Of course media will not report this fact. Be assured sir that actions are being performed in order to expedite justice.

    1. Save time and avoid the traitorous sheeples next week for the mid-term fake voting. I wish we could convince everyone to stop participating in these fraudulent elections which are nothing more than window dressing for the flag wavers. Don’t get me wrong, I love what our flag used to represent.

      1. Hey Brother Millard, its hard to kick against the thorns of brainwashing propaganda that has been in peoples faces for such a long time. Be patient brother. were gaining ground. That flag still represents the same thing.
        Keep on speaking the truth.

  6. I’d like to say your all right and good work JR. The problem or some part of it is, the power of words, and our “wordmap.” We are not living in the past or in the future, we’re living in the “NOW.” When I read the words: maybe, could, would, need, should, try, think. There is NO conviction or believe, The people have NO responsibly for there thoughts in the minds of the public.
    People must look at speaking with conviction and knowing your believes.
    I.e. So, maybe it could be or would it be that this is happening and we need to maybe ask the cops if the could please stop!!! It all f…ing crazy!!

  7. Jolly , I did a little bit of surfing

    no links
    but if you search “retired top cops”,”many top cops retire early” and “retired early cops” etc and many different forms of that type of statement you do find many stories about the subject

    it just might get you in the direction you were looking to go

    it also brings up the point of all the upper military backing out .. what do both these entities know that we are guessing at?

    keep up the good fight

  8. Thanks again, Jolly, you are always an inspiration. But what it might take is for more folks to be like Alejandro Natividad, who stood his ground against thug cops who drew their guns on him, and lived to tell about it. Having survived cops arresting me for no reason when I was nursing my 8 month old daughter, twice–but my husband, for similar “arrest” reasons was dragged through broken glass, beaten (but not severely…today he would be), and arrested simply for “resisting arrest” nonsense–at this point I could be like Alejandro if the situation arrived–I know God has my back.

    1. yes, I drove around in that thing when I lived in Vegas — it was my only car. As soon as my truck is mechanically sound I’m going to start on the body work (as $$ permits), and it will have a similar paint job.

  9. No cop is your friend . How many friends do you have that get paid to take your money , put you in a cage , or shoot you ? I don`t need no teenage queen , all I need is my M-14 !!! Cops are not here to protect you , they are here to protect the jue criminals from us !!!

  10. After fleeing America because of what they have for police there. Compaired to what we have for police were I now live. America has 3 cops per. 1000 population. We have 1 cop per 1000 population here. The police here solve 80% of serious crime. They ride mortorcycles and walk. They speak to people and are respected. There are few drugs! Never yet seen a gang wandering around starting trouble. It is not put up with. People see a crime have a vidio or such. They set down on the sidewalk and wait for the cop. Can take 30 min. for one to show up. When I first moved here 3 times the local cops seeing me in the yard stopped and talked to me about weather,BBQ Grill, and such. So we know each other. But no problem from them. So as the police in America use the mentor systom to hire. The test is 50% based on the oral exam! There idiot kid who can not hold a job needs to be a cop. One is led to belive over the years in America they suffer hereditory down breeding as police. So the answer might be to get rid of what they are as police and hire qualified people as cops there. Another thing is here the police have public respect and suport. People do not fear them here. So far I have only seen one not bad but lazy cop here. The night cop. He parks his motorcycle borrows a chair of front porch’s, set in a dark spot at night, and takes a short nap with his shotgun across his chest. But he does put the chair back after his nap. And no one complains that way. Worse I can say about them were I live now.

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