Cops Train Guns on Journalists After Shooting in Canada

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Police pointed guns at journalists following a shooting at a war memorial in Ottawa during which a soldier was reportedly shot.

The incident, which occurred at Parliament Hill’s Centre Block, is still ongoing, with authorities searching buildings for the shooter, who is described by eyewitnesses as 5’9-5’10, overweight and wearing a dark jacket. The suspect was reportedly carrying a long gun.  

“Police have locked down Parliament and Ottawa Police tactical officers have arrived, pointing guns at journalists and ordering them to the ground. Journalists were put into lockdown at the foyer in front of the House of Commons,” reports the Globe and Mail’s Josh Wingrove.

Wingrove sardonically tweeted from the scene, “Ottawa police tactical officers are here and very kindly pointed their guns at every reporter, ordering hands in the air and us to ground.”

Wingrove also reported that he saw “one motionless body outside the library of parliament” and that police had fired shots in that direction.

“Eyewitnesses said an armed man with long black hair emerged at the war memorial, fired about four times, and a guard went down,” states the report. “The gunman then ran toward Parliament Hill. The shooting victim was taken to hospital in an ambulance. Police have sealed off the area. The gunman’s whereabouts are unknown.”

The shooting follows an incident on Monday in Quebec in which two Canadian soldiers were hit by a car by an attacker who officials say had recently converted to radical Islam. One of the victims later died.

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