5 thoughts on “Delta Flight from Tampa to Atlanta Gets Crazy

  1. Not much moral high ground.

    Calling her a bitch while sounding like a bitch is a bad look.
    She is obviously emotionally unstable to a bit more degree.

    I can respect security stopping this kind of stuff before it gets going but if some real woman stands up to knock her out is my favorite option.

    I’ve always found that you are always right if you yell louder.

    1. Don’t need a woman to knock this c-nt out. If that c-nt slapped me in the face, I’d jump up and swing and she would need facial reconstruction. I guarantee that whole f-king plane full of punk bitches couldn’t take me down. I fight dirty and I’m stronger than any three of them put together. Let this f-king c-nt go out in public and slap somebody like me in the face, I will not hold back.

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