Democrat Running For Congress Compels TV Station To Run ‘F**k The NRA’ Advertisement…

Citizen Free Press – by Kane

A Democratic congressional candidate is mincing no words in his latest anti-gun campaign ad.  “F— the NRA,” Pat Davis declares in the ad’s first few seconds.  And thanks to federal election law, a local CBS affiliate in New Mexico says it is compelled to run the ad, uncensored.

KRQE was set to air the potty-mouthed pol’s message Friday afternoon. In a statement on its website, KRQE General Manager Bill Anderson said they cannot censor the ad because of “federal election rules” that prohibit them from editing political commercials. He said the station planned to run a disclaimer beforehand.  

Davis is an Albuquerque city councilor running in New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District’s Democratic primary.

“A federal candidate certified to be on the ballot by the secretary of state is a bona fide candidate, and if they have opponents on the air then we are legally obligated to give them access to purchase air time on our station, and legally prohibited from censoring their commercials,” the station’s general manager said.

“We received a request for air time from a legitimate federal candidate for office, and according to federal election rules we are required to give him the same access as his opponents,” Anderson said. “This station, by law, is not permitted to censor or in any way edit this commercial. What we can control however, is the 15 seconds of air time preceding it, which we will use to warn the viewer of a possible offense, disclaim our own views, and cite the federal laws imposed on candidates and tv stations.”

3 thoughts on “Democrat Running For Congress Compels TV Station To Run ‘F**k The NRA’ Advertisement…

  1. I agree! F the nra because they are controlled opposition and they do NOT support the Second Article and F YOU, pat davis! “progressive” is code for communist AND he is a former swat team PIG!!!!!

    Somebody should swat this twat and the sooner the better.

  2. Fuk the Democrats
    Fuk the Republicans
    Fuk the Government
    Fuk the NRA
    Fuk the whole bunch of you
    Game over

  3. “If congress won’t change our gun laws, we’re changing congress”.

    Guess what, pig boy? We’re changing congress too, because we’re tired of it being stuffed with commie bastards like yourself.

    There’s a more subtle message hidden in this ad in him saying about the NRA “their pro-gun policies have killed children, etc”.

    NRA policies don’t dictate gun laws, or our unalienable rights, but in this short ad, he’s framing the debate between the NRA, and the anti-gunners, as if there were no other voices on the issue.

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