DHS to give anti-government stories ‘sentiment’ ratings


I once thought the police state couldn’t get any worse but then I read an article in Media Lite and discovered that I was wrong, very wrong.

According to the Media Lite, DHS plans on giving ant-government stories ‘sentiment’ ratings.  

“A DHS spokesperson told Mediaite in a discussion that awareness of whether a report is positive or negative would help decision makers to monitor how the public feels about certain policies and if needed, clear up misconceptions.”

According to DHS, story “sentiment” is exactly what its database will track. Sentiment analysis will help DHS decide how the public feels about the government.

DHS wants to track “any and all media coverage related to the Department of Homeland Security or a particular event.”

DHS: Critics are “conspiracy theorists”

DHS Press Secretary Tyler Houlton, claims critics of their new spying on the media policy are “tinfoil hat-wearing, black-helicopter conspiracy theorists.”

Since 9/11, life in America has begun to resemble oppressive regimes like Communist Russia. Where everything they said and everywhere they went was being monitored.

Three years ago, the Atlantic published an account of what life was like under the KGB in the 1980’s.

“Our phones were tapped, our apartment bugged, our mail opened, and we assumed that our government-provided housekeeper filed frequent reports on us.”

For comparisons sake, let’s change that warning to reflect what life is like in America.

“Our cell phones are tapped, our apartment is bugged with Amazon voice activated devices, our emails and texts opened and our government-provided smart devices report on us.”

And let’s not forget, America’s police also use Fusion Centers to spy on everyone’s social media  posts and much more. (To find out more about Fusion Center spying click here & here.)

Make no mistake, creating a list of anti-government bloggers will stifle free press.

Former representative Patrick Meehan said, “collecting and analyzing, disseminating private citizens’ comments could have a chilling effect on individuals’ privacy rights and people’s freedom of speech and dissent against their Government.”

“Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press”Thomas Jefferson (1786)

Could DHS and law enforcement use this list to put anti-government journalists, bloggers and commenters on a no-fly listor worse?

The only difference between life in America and life under the KGB is that so far, journalists, bloggers and commenters aren’t being thrown in jail.


4 thoughts on “DHS to give anti-government stories ‘sentiment’ ratings

  1. And yet another article revolving around this new blogger watch list, and it’s starting to look like a concerted effort to silence the truth.

    “…I read an article in Media Lite and discovered that I was wrong, very wrong….”

    The only “Media Lite” that shows up in a DuckDuckGo search is windows software that’s allegedly loaded with viruses.

  2. All a prelude to Talmudic Jewry (using the Noahide Laws passed and signed by Prez. GHW Bush way back when) having true believers on Jesus Christ put in jail, or murdered, for violating Noahide Law Number Two, which says those who proclaim Christ to be the Son of God will be put to death.

    To my fellow believers on Christ–you got the Armor of God on you? Ephesians 6:11-13.

  3. “Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press”—Thomas Jefferson (1786)”

    And when THAT fails???


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