7 thoughts on “Drinking Poison: Using Turpentine For Health?

  1. I was raised on turpentine/sugar for sore throat. A couple of drops on a teaspoon of sugar. As I became an adult I dropped the sugar and just put a dab on the back of my throat. Worked every time as long as I remembered to do it at the onset.

  2. have been using this therapy for years. it’s not poison and only has dangerous effects if it gets in the lungs.
    otherwise, it has been used since roman times. quite simple to make too if shtf…….all you do is distill pine sap.

    much different than poison.

  3. Lincoln, Lincoln,
    I’ve been thinkin’,
    What on Earth have you been drinkin’?
    Is it whiskey?
    Is it wine?
    Oh, my gosh, it’s turpentine!

    Some things just never leave the brain

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