Drivers Ed students forced to learn how the government wants you to treat law enforcement


Nothing says police state quite like the Feds forcing Drivers Ed students to treat law enforcement the way THEY want you to.

Two years ago, an article in the Chicago Tribune revealed what these driver education bills are really about.

“We want everybody to know what they’re supposed to do when they get pulled over by police” state Rep. Frances Ann Hurley said. 

To date, at least seven states have begun forcing drivers to learn how they want you to treat law enforcement.

They are:

New Jersey,
North Carolina,

Why do we need these bills, if police are stopping 50,000 motorists daily or 20 million every year?

Are we being conditioned to accept being stopped and detained by government agents?

What could happen if you disrespect law enforcement?

 Your license could be revoked if you don’t follow the rules

In the not too distant future your privilege to drive could be revoked, if you do not abide by our government’s rules.

“A consistent curriculum including instructions for expected behavior during a traffic stop can help reduce the anxiety level for both drivers and police as well as lessen the risk of minor misunderstandings become something more serious” Michigan Senator Marty Knollenberg said.

A ‘consistent curriculum’ is really just a euphemism for a national drivers re-education policy.

Soon motorists everywhere will be given instructions on how to deal with law enforcement. And your cooperation is expected!

How long before ‘expected’ is changed to required?

If you think that I am taking quotes out of context, read what other politicians are saying.

“This should at least make all of us mindful of what we should do” Virginia Assembly delegate Jeion Ward said.

“I think it’s really important, especially in this time that we’re in, that kids and new drivers learn what is expected when they are stopped by an officer” Michigan Senator Julie Morrison said.

I could quote more instances but hopefully you get the point.

But if you still doubt that this could happen, please read ‘Real-ID allows police to control fundamental aspects of our daily lives’.

Will everyone be required to treat law enforcement with respect no matter what?

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