Ebola Proves The NWO Equally Despises Whites And Africans.

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Some critics of Barack Obama have taken to calling him President Obola. I will continue to call him the American Teleprompter Reader. He is a figurehead and nothing more.

Judicial Watch has uncovered evidence of a clandestine program to bring foreign nationals with Ebola into America despite the fact that we do not have sufficient facilities for more than 20 patients at a time. The two nurses in Dallas who got Ebola from Duncan worked in a hospital that did not have adequate facilities for that disease. Amber Vinson, the second nurse to get the disease, was not on the CDC Watch List of 125 people who had been exposed. This means that Ebola is more contagious than we have been told.  

Defenders of the CDC have said that so far in Dallas only 2 people got Ebola from Duncan so things cannot be that bad. But we have since learned that the CDC has been clandestinely seizing patients from hospitals who had Ebola symptoms. Another case was reported of a student returning from the Ebola Zone who disappeared from the ambulance taking him to the hospital after he developed symptoms. We already knew that the CDC was seizing suspected Ebola victims from the Border Patrol. CDC agents on several occasions would arrive in vans wearing Hazmat suits to seize suspected Ebola sufferers from the Border Patrol while refusing to sign any paperwork. This operation is completely off the books.

Does it not seem strange to you that the only Americans known to have Ebola are high profile people who cannot just ‘disappear?’

So just how contagious is Ebola? An illnesses’ rate of infection is expressed as the “R-naught”, or R-0. This is the measure of how many people a single infected person will themselves infect. An R-0 of 1 means each person with the illness will infect one more person. An R-0 less than one means an illness will die out as it is unable to infect new patients as fast as existing patients are cured or die. An R-0 larger than one means an illness will naturally spread. The current Ebola strain has an R-naught of 2. To put that into perspective, Measles has an R-naught of 12-18. Smallpox and Polio are 6. Flu is between 2 and 3. So the current Ebola virus is slightly less infective than the seasonal flu, although obviously the consequences of infection are more severe. Keep that R-naught of 2 in mind when you reflect on statements from Africa that the number of Ebola patients had been doubling every 21 days which is the incubation period.

I am not the first to call Obama America’s Destroyer in Chief.

Obama has ordered 4,000 soldiers to go to the Ebola Zone of Africa with no goggles and has given them ineffective masks. He has refused to quarantine airline passengers from the Ebola Zone before they are permitted to board US bound flights. Some governors have said that they will quarantine all arrivals from West African countries with Ebola outbreaks. But that will force at risk passengers to select other airports like Dulles or Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta. Obama is now pressuring states to lift their quarantines.

Even if local officials can enact quarantines at all of our airports, it will do nothing to prevent Ebola victims from infecting other passengers, the flight crews and the airport clean up crews not to mention the people who will board the plane for its subsequent flights.

Local officials also cannot do anything about TSA spreading disease at the airports. The TSA uses rubber gloves to protect themselves but do touch dozens of passengers with each pair.

Nor will local officials be able to quarantine any of the 4,000 returning soldiers or the hundreds of others who will be using military transport to return to America. Nor can local officials quarantine Ebola carriers coming across America’s Open Borders. General John F. Kelly is in charge of Southern Command. He personally saw 5 Africans who were from Monrovia Liberia at a border in Central America preparing to cross into Mexico. Their ultimate destination was New York City. Those Open Borders are also flooding US hospitals with new cases of tuberculosis, Giardia and Enterovirus-D68. The latter might or might not be responsible for the sudden rash of deaths and paralysis. All of these diseases will strain the US at a time when the flu season and the flu shots are about to arrive.

There are several theories about the origin of this current Ebola outbreak.

One theory is that it began as a result of clinical trials of an Ebola vaccine.

There is evidence from official US websites that the Department of Defense conducted a clinical trial of an Ebola vaccine that failed. The trial was discontinued after 5 months. And it was discontinued at the same time as the current Ebola outbreak began in West Africa. The photo below is of the US Biohazard Level 4 Lab in Kenema Sierra Leone which their government shut down. A Level 4 facility is supposed to be built to very high standards to protect civilians against lethal viruses under investigation being accidentally released.

The US has 200 lab accidents a year that we know of involving deadly pathogens. The US also has Level 4 facilities in Monrovia Liberia and in Sierra Leone. Could all 3 have had accidents involving Ebola at the same time? That is mathematically unlikely so we are left to choose between a vaccine gone wrong or an act of germ warfare in the guise of a vaccination program.

Does this look like a Level 4 Biohazard facility to you? Would local officials in Connecticut or New Jersey allow you to locate a Biohazard Level 4 research lab in buildings like these?

There were reports from Africans that nurses were offering shots for an Ebola vaccine in West Africa before this latest outbreak began. The government of Sierra Leone did close down the lab at Kenema soon after the outbreak began.

The Kenema facility was staffed by biological warfare researchers from Tulane University and the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID). Biological warfare research that is illegal to conduct in the United States is carried out in remote locations in Africa. Multiple sources report that some of this research involved weaponization of Ebola. Professor Francis Boyle, a biological weapons expert, reports that the United States was experimenting with a hybrid of Ebola and the common cold, to make it more contagious.

Please note that Professor Boyle says that WHO recommends a 42 day quarantine because 98% of patients exhibit symptoms in those first 6 weeks. Nigeria had one person with Ebola arrive on a plane. They traced 900 contacts. 8 people died. But the Nigerians stopped Ebola.

There are those who do not study history and others who do not learn from what they studied. The Spanish flu epidemic after World War I killed between 50 and 100 million people worldwide. Then as now politicians tried to keep the spread of the disease out of the press. This was a fatal mistake. During the height of the Spanish flu epidemic, people practiced ‘social distancing’ to stop the spread of the plague. The epidemic most likely started in Kansas at Fort Funston now Ft Riley. It was called the Spanish flu because Spain was the only nation without wartime censorship.

The point is that the epidemic spread because politicians prevented the general public from taking sensible precautions.

The American Teleprompter Reader has taken that to an extreme by not demanding a 21 day quarantine for persons returning from the Ebola Zone prior to boarding a flight. And by refusing to end his Open Borders policy.

The question remains whether this recent Ebola outbreak was from a vaccine that went wrong or it was a deliberate attempt to kill Africans.

I think it was a deliberate attempt to kill Africans. I also believe AIDS was originally developed to enable Financiers from London, New York and Paris to more easily rob Africans of their natural resources.

There is evidence that this strain of Ebola was engineered to make it more lethal by giving it a 21 day incubation period. And it is by design more easily spread by sneezing. This factor is more relevant to its being spread in the colder winter months of the US and Europe.

It has been suggested that people select shopping carts that have been sitting in the parking lot outdoors because sunlight contains ultraviolet which kills germs and viruses. That is good advice but in the winter we have much less sunshine and it is often dark when people are going home from work.

By keeping public awareness low and allowing more Ebola patients in to the US, Obama is setting us up for a much more draconian Medical Martial Law after the elections or early in 2015. At that point, we will have many more Ebola patients than we can treat. Ebola patients are supposed to be kept in positive pressure rooms. That means the air pressure is maintained at a higher level than in the outside. Few hospitals have those facilities.

One doctor said a nightmare scene would be an Ebola patient who has a fever and thinks he has the flu going to an Emergency Ward and sitting around for hours waiting to see a doctor.

‘Social Distancing’ could be very useful. Unnecessary contacts exponentially increases your risk of getting a disease. Avoid touching common surfaces like counters. Use disposable Kleenex to touch ATM and elevator buttons. Use your pen rather than the bank’s pen.

Avoid anything that can greatly reduce your immune system response. That would include seasonal flu shots. You can increase immune response by taking Vitamin D3 and cinnamon. During the Spanish flu epidemic, people who worked at cinnamon processing factories did not die from the flu. Winter is the flu season because the lack of sunshine reduces our D3 blood levels.

The likely scenario is that Ebola will overwhelm our medical facilities early in 2015. At that point, Medical Martial Law will be accepted by the public. DHS could seize people who are not sick saying that they are being taken to quarantine. Ebola patients will be cremated so independent autopsies by consulting physicians will not be possible.

Soon after that, the Ebola vaccine will be available. Considering that this outbreak began as an Ebola vaccine campaign earlier this year, I would strongly advise that you do not take the vaccine. I would also suggest that you segregate yourself from those who just had the vaccine during the 21 day incubation period. Maybe even err on the side of caution by using the WHO recommendation of a 42 day quarantine.

After the Ebola vaccines are given, we will be prepared for the next step. My regular readers know, that I have been expecting an attempt to release a series of plagues when the Dollar Dies. This will prevent the masses from marching on New York and Washington with pitchforks. I have also spoken of the Georgia Guidestones which says we must reduce world population below 500 million. I would expect a second and even a third plague to be released by the NWO to protect the Bankers. In 6 months Ebola could evolve and become more contagious and kill at a lower rate. But because so many more are infected the total number of deaths will increase. And the survivors will be attacked by the next two plagues or so the NWO hopes.

Catherine Austin Fitts said the Bankers stole $40 trillion from us. Bankers worry that we might figure out what they have been doing. That is why they want to shut down the Internet, love NSA spying and the abrogation of the Bill of Rights.

I do not think things will work out the way the men who own Obama want. Why? Because they rely upon millions of people like you and me to do nothing. Many of us work inside the military, the police, the medical system and in state and local government. We will soon reach a point where will be compelled to choose between saying No and accepting Obama’s Pathway to Self-Destruction and Death.

You might want to bookmark this video below. It’s brief. After the one minute mark, Obama says Ebola is a ‘Trial Run’ for a Deadlier Airborne Disease. That could just be his well noted inability to speak. It could also be him saying the next plague the NWO releases will be a lot more contagious.



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  1. “Ebola Proves The NWO Equally Despises Whites And Africans.”

    Now, if we could unify all Nationalities, Races, and Creeds to equally despise the NWO, we’ll begin to have positive change in our favor. Perhaps the people may wake-up and realize why TPTB continually keep everyone distracted and divided with opposing issues of Nationality, Race, and Creed.

    Hate kills us all, equally.

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