France, Italy: Traffic Cameras Shot, Scorched, Smashed, Spraypainted

Shotgun speed cameraThe Newspaper

In Cilento, Italy, vigilantes shot the speed camera in Agropoli on Thursday. According to Salerno Today, the device was completely destroyed by shotgun slug rounds that took out all three of the device’s lenses.

In Lanobre, France, vigilantes knocked over and smashed a speed camera with a backhoe on Wednesday, La Voix du Cantal reported. On Thursday, a camera in Bassignac on the D922 was set on fire with gasoline. In Bores, vigilantes spraypainted a the speed camera on the RD937 white on Saturday. According to La Republique des Pyrenees, this was the tenth attack on the device.  

In Milly-sur-Therain, vigilantes spraypainted a camera red yesterday, then tagged it with the message “Hollande resign” referring to President Francois Hollande, Courrier Picard reported. Two cameras in Lot-et-Garonne were spraypainted on Thursday. According to Sud Ouest, green paint was used on the RD813 in Saint-Hilaire-de-Lusignan, and the same color was used on the RN21 in Moirax.

2 thoughts on “France, Italy: Traffic Cameras Shot, Scorched, Smashed, Spraypainted

  1. I’m deeply ashamed that this isn’t happening in America every day.

    I sometimes feel like I’m living in a country of castrated men. Eunuchs who will sing and dance forever, but are seemingly devoid of the testosterone required to actually fight back.

    But who am I to complain? I haven’t shot any speed cameras, either. We’re of a different culture than the Europeans, who seem a bit more willing to riot and protest in the streets, and destroy public property as we see here. I think Americans are more likely to wait, and endure a lot of these encroachments quietly, while they prepare for the real fight.

  2. I’ve been waiting FOREVER for this to happen in America. Why are we the last to do anything? Europe is doing more than we are doing at this point. And don’t give me that “Well, we are more civilized” crap. We need to go back to our “animal instincts” and start enforcing the law and restoring our Constitution and Bill of Rights with our 2nd Article Right.

    We were the first country that always to fight back. Now we are the last country. So embarrassing and such a shame.

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