Epstein Judge: “No Explanation” For $15.5 Million Sent To His Bank After Death

Infowars – by Kelen McBreen

During a hearing in the Virgin Islands on Tuesday, Judge Carolyn Hermon-Purcell demanded lawyers representing Jeffrey Epstein’s estate explain $2.6 million transferred from the estate to a bank he owned.

“There’s no explanation for it,” Judge Hermon-Purcell said of the transaction

Epstein’s Virgin Islands bank, named Southern County International, was originally set up in 2014 for his offshore clients.

The initial launch of the bank is questionable in itself as Epstein was already a convicted sex offender at the time.

In the years prior to his death, the bank appeared to be non-operational, but after he died, a series of multi-million dollar payments were made by Epstein’s estate.

$15.5 million was originally transferred from the Epstein estate to the bank in December of 2019 and the bank sent back $2.6, leaving $12.9 million in the offshore bank.

Before the transactions, the bank had only $693,157 in assets.

Just weeks after the bank held $12.9 million, nearly all the money vanished as “payments” were made for things like “cable” bills, leaving only $500,000.

One of the estate’s lawyers said the transfers were made in error, but Judge Hermon-Purcell isn’t satisfied and asked for more details.

Judge Hermon-Purcell could also be opening a compensation fund for Epstein’s victims using money from the estate and other assets.


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    1. the pedo’s and traitors in our government stuffed it in their personal bank account and partied their asses off with it

      some of it they are using for policies against us

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