8 thoughts on “Hey Boss, Keep Me Out Of The Snow! LMAO

  1. Three forks Idaho, potatoes to Philadelphia. Same bullshit, different day.15 degrees, big wind, moderate snow.

    2nd shot was 20 min later, sun dropped fast. Drove in from Montana, beautiful drive.

  2. Getting dark. But there were a couple idiots that past in the go fast lane and stirred up a storm of powder, I wanted to rip their throats out, dangerous as hell, cant see for many seconds, start to drive off the damn road. Young punks with zero brains.

    We are all doing 65 MPH, punk ass shit for brains were hammer down, fkg idiots… Not only that, but illegals out here driving..

    1. I hear that
      Got some fun powder out there now from overnight snow fall
      Gonna be exciting to see how many idiots lost their minds and control

  3. I feel your pain, Mark. I’ve gotten used to ice driving, but the endless thaw and re-freeze that we’ve having has made the roads here pure hell. You never know what you’re driving on until the car starts spinning.

    “…idiots that past in the go fast lane and stirred up a storm of powder….”

    Yeah, that put me in the ditch a few years ago. Complete white-out and zero visibility.

    1. And they want to lower the age of commercial drivers to 18 interstate transport, treasonous bastards, the lot.

      1. 18 year-old are deadly enough in 4 wheelers. (ask any insurance company) I’ll stay off the highways when they start driving big trucks.

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