Europe REVOLTS Against Islam, Unrest As 1000’s Kick Terrorists Out

[WATCH] Europe REVOLTS Against Islam, Unrest As 1000's Kick Terrorists OutMad World – by AMANDA SHEA

A massive European group dubbed the “soccer hooligans,” who typically gather over their love for the sport, have banded as brothers to defeat the Islamic plague that has taken hold of their beloved hometowns.

Fed up with the Muslim supremacy in Europe, droves of frustrated Europeans flooded the streets Sunday in Cologne, Germany, as a united front to force Islam out of their towns. The protest began peacefully until individuals against the Hooligans threw objects at the demonstration from their balconies. Shortly after the gathering grew to epic proportions, clashes erupted between police forces and protesters, and at least 13 officers were injured, the German news agency DPA reported.  

With their focus change from sports to anti-Islam, the “hooligans” changed their slogan for the cause from “soccer hooligans” to “hooligans against [Islamic] Salafists.”

Earlier this month, Kurds in Germany clashed with radical Muslims in the northern city of Hamburg and surrounding cities, fueled by the conflict between the Islamic State jihadist group in northern Iraq and Syria.

Political activism in Europe is either one extreme or the other — either extremist left-wing or ultra conservative right-wing — with a non-existent political middle ground.

This is the largest, but not the first of it’s kind for the soccer clubs’ protests against Islamification. Shoebat reported that the group has held meetings in at least three other cities, Monchengladbach, Hannover and Mannheim, to promote unity in the fight against the extremist religion taking over Germany.

Fighting against Muslim supremacy has become a European-wide phenomenon which will likely only grow as Islam increases. Hopefully the activist’s efforts will make life for Islamists in Europe increasingly more uncomfortable and realize they don’t have the control they were hoping for.

In Germany, the Hooligan group for this new cause appears to be a growing, broad spectrum anti-Islamification movement, with no cease in efforts in sight.

Watch the videos below of several unrests against Islam that took place around Europe:

6 thoughts on “Europe REVOLTS Against Islam, Unrest As 1000’s Kick Terrorists Out

  1. One of the admin’s of a facebook page was in Cologne at the time and
    he said the numbers were over 7,000 protestors. Real numbers
    suppressed like the VietNam protests in DC were reported as “massive
    protests” vs 250,000 protestors. North Rhine-Westphalia Police Union (GdP) president Arnold Plickert said that the anti-Islamic group threatened to bring “a new kind of violence” to Germany’s streets if its numbers continued to grow which the police might not be able to control. Good. Go Germans.

    1. I, too, applaud their efforts, CSA.

      But I have to wonder just how long the jews will allow dissent on such a massive scale from those whom I’m certain they feel weren’t decimated enough by the Zionist holocaust against them after WWll.

      1. It’s the zionists who should be decimated for the Dresden Holocaust.
        Biggest nationlist protest in pre war Germany. Hope this takes off
        all over Europe.
        It was not spoken aloud,
        Nor taught by the state,
        When the Saxon began to hate.

        Who needs parasites?

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